University students save boy from drowning

Eliana Saks
Managing Editor


Two university students dove into icy water Sunday to save a nine-year-old boy.

Cesar Garcia and Michael Frawley, both first-year students, jumped into the Roaring Brook at Nay Aug Park late Sunday afternoon to save a young boy.

Garcia and Frawley were just leaving the park when chaos erupted.

“I heard a splash in the water,” Garcia said. “I turned around and everyone started panicking and screaming.”

Robert Kehoe Jr., thought to be the boy’s father, jumped in after the boy in an attempt to save him. Kehoe struggled, weighed down by his jeans and winter coat combined with his inability to swim.

Garcia immediately took action and dove in the water. He struggled to carry the boy, but was assisted by Frawley. The pair was able to save the boy, despite the strong current.

Kehoe never made it out of the water.

A passing hiker, Bryan Strickland, was waiting for the three downstream by the railroad tracks. He helped pull the boy out and helped to keep him warm until emergency responders arrived.

Garcia reunited with the boy in the hospital.

“It was a nice moment,” Garcia said. “I gave him a thumbs up and he waved.”


Nov. 25, 2014

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