Scranton partners with Marywood for New Playwright’s Festival

Latrice Smith
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The University of Scranton Players are hosting The New Playwright’s Festival this year, and Marywood University’s architecture school is partnering with the Players to put on the event.

Hank Willenbrink, director of the theater program at The University, said the festival is a chance for students at both universities to show their talents.

“This is an opportunity for young writers and architects to showcase their works in front of an audience,” Willenbrink said.

Willenbrink said that the festival is structured around the work that students in his drama practicum course are doing. Students in the class are working to write, direct and produce their own short plays.

University senior Michael Kranick said that he is excited to work closely with students at Marywood to put on the festival.

“I’m glad that I have the chance to work to create with others in the community,” Kranick said.

Kranick said that students in the class are required to create their own websites so others can read updates about the work they are doing during the course of the semester.

“I think our websites are a great way for the public to get excited about what we are going to create this semester before they see it in April. My personal website is,” Kranick said.

University student Mariah Wedul said that she has attended all of the shows, and is excited to see what The New Playwright’s Festival will be like.

“This is something new this year, and I think it will be interesting to see a play written by students on a set built by students,” Wedul said.

According to the Players website, the show will be held April 30 – May 2 at the former Scranton State School for the Deaf building. Willenbrink said he is hoping that the festival will be something the Players continue to do.

“This festival is something that is by students and for students and I think that it’s important to have that in a university setting, and I hope it is something we will continue to do,” Willenbrink said.

Feb. 13, 2015

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