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Kathleen Healy
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Many professors and advisors have stressed the importance of reading a daily newspaper, not only to keep up-to-date on current events but also to improve reading skills and even vocabulary. Many college students, however, are too busy with their schedules to make time to read the news. Reading a newspaper takes some considerable time; skimming does not. The Skimm, founded in 2012 by Danielle Weisberg and Carly Zakin, is a great way to get major headline news fast. Prompted by their love of news, the two former NBC News Producers realized the need for a quick and easy way to read news sources when their working friends were unable to read topics outside their fields of interest and were thus unfamiliar with major current events.
The newsletter really upholds its motto: “We read. You Skimm.” The Skimm is essentially a summary of everything occurring in the news world, except put into modern terms and limited to only the important aspects of each story.

Weisberg and Zakin were the Skimm’s only employees until about a year ago, when they decided to expand their company so they could focus on publicity. Members who work for the Skimm read major newspapers acround the world and shorten the most important and most interesting articles to less than a paragraph. The news is both international and national. These few paragraphs are then compiled into one newsletter that is sent each weekday, not including holidays, via email.

Reading each Skimm is an adventure. The subject line in the emails are often unrelated to the news; some are song lyrics like “Spin me right round” while some are quotes from familiar TV shows, such as “Have mercy.” As if that is not enough to catch one’s attention, the Skimm finds the most outrageous quotes to begin the newsletter with, ranging from Vice President Joe Biden to Kanye West. The news stories come next; each under 100 words and explained in simple terms. Links are included if the reader wishes to seek a more detailed explanation of the story.

The Skimm, although its icon is a woman seemingly reading a news article on her smartphone or tablet, is not just for women. The founders say all of the content is not geared towards either gender. The Skimm has seen immense growth in the number of subscribers in the past year and hopes to continue this growth.

Feb. 27, 2015

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