Ian Evans wins 25 straight matches

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Ian Evans

Photo courtesy of scranton athletics SOPHOMORE CO-CAPTAIN Ian Evans wrestles in a match this season in the Long Center. Evans is currently on a 25-match winning streak. The team wrestles Sunday in the NCAA East Regionals.

Ian Evans, a sophomore wrestler at The University from Laurys Station, has been dominating the Landmark Conference and is currently on a 25-match winning streak that started all the way back in November.

Evans wrestles at 157 pounds and has a 30-2 record for the season and a career record of 59-8, and it is not even the end of his second season.

At this pace, Evans has a chance to easily break 100 career wins and has a shot at becoming The University’s most successful wrestler. The current record, held by Darren Buseman (1999-2003), stands at 125 wins.

As a first-year wrestler, Evans made his way into the record books in third place for winning percentage, tied for seventh for most pins and in sixth for most wins in a season.

Q: When did the reality of your winning streak start to hit you?A: I started really paying attention to it around 20 (wins). We were wrestling Wilkes – they are a really tough team – and I knew that this was going to be a tough match, and after that I got to 25 after the last match.

Q: How big are 25 wins in a row for you? Were you expecting this successful of a season in November?
A: I had a really good freshman season, so coming into this year I was looking forward to the schedule and I knew that I could have a good amount of success this season. I was definitely expecting to do well this season. Did I expect to get 25 wins in a row? No, but it just kind of happened.

Q: How have your coaches and teammates been handling the winning streak?
A: They have been great the whole way through, helping me out and pushing me through practice. My coaches have been helping me out and encouraging me, giving me little details and extra help whenever I needed it.
Q: Would you say that this has been your most successful wrestling season not only at The University, but also before your freshman and sophomore seasons?
A: Yes, this has probably been the best season. I came from Parkland (High School) and we always had a tough schedule every year. I never really stood out in high school because our team was very good, so I was always a decent wrestler, but I had never had as much success on the mats as I have had this season.
Evans hopes to continue his winning streak March 1 as the team heads to the NCAA East Regionals.

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