Letter to the Editor: Health care

Dear Editor,

I was dismayed to read Father Quinn’s recent letter regarding his proposed change to faculty and staff health insurance plans. Citing Catholic moral teaching, he signaled his intent to change existing plans so that they are “free of all abortion coverage,” removing the current exemption for rape, incest and instances in which the life of the mother is threatened.

Now, it has been eight years since I lived and studied at The University. Is there an epidemic of abortions among faculty and staff members?

Changes to a health care plan will not make Scranton more or less true to its Catholic and Jesuit identity. Ours is an institution animated by a concern for humanity and the wider world. That is demonstrated through the thousands of hours of service completed each year by students, faculty, staff and alumni. Rather than harnessing that energy and engaging The University community in a conversation about real challenges like sexual violence or the deplorable living conditions of the Scranton poor, Father Quinn is chasing after solutions to a nonexistent problem.

I never imagined that my beloved alma mater would wade back into the culture wars. Trusting that Father Quinn is sincere in his desire for conversation, I urge those who share my concerns to take him up on that offer.

Vincent Solomeno ’07

Feb. 27, 2015

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