Letter to the Editor: parade day

Dear Editorial Staff of the Aquinas:

Thank you for devoting considerable space in your Feb. 20 issue to The University’s plans around the Scranton’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade and early spring break closing. I know that this is an important issue for students, just as it is for The University’s administrators, faculty and staff and for the City of Scranton.

I do want to clarify a context that was missing from the article and correct a mistaken impression that the narrative conveyed. The article correctly reported that I “teared up” during the conversation; however, the emotion mentioned was upon referencing a tragic death of a local college-aged student during Parade Day weekend a few years back. While I am unapologetically passionate about my work as an educator, it was not the impetus for the sadness I expressed.

Yes, the thought of losing any of our students to high-risk behaviors evokes great emotion. And yes, the unfortunate happenings of student activity during Parade Day weekend has literally kept members of the Student Formation & Campus Life team up at night.

Students must understand that the St. Patrick’s Day Parade and the unlawful and disrespectful way in which many of our students choose to celebrate is not a right. No one has this right. The privileges of a Scranton education beget great responsibility. We take your education, safety and reputation that seriously. All students should and must do the same.

Most sincerely,
Dr. Anitra McShea

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