Net declared neutral

Business Correspondent

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) passed the strongest rules on net neutrality ever over the past week. Net neutrality is the idea that every Internet website should be treated equally by those who provide the Internet connection.

Without net neutrality, companies such as Comcast or Verizon could force other companies that have websites to pay more for faster Internet speeds in order to keep their sites. The debate in the FCC was whether or not net neutrality was necessary to protect people’s freedom of speech.

The losers after these new rules are clearly the Internet providers that spent tons of money trying to lobby to prevent these rules from being passed. Not only that, but they lost out on a new stream of revenue that promised to be massive. Fast Internet is in high demand and these companies could charge a very high price for a high Internet speed.

The winners after these new rules are simply any companies that have websites. If they had to pay, it would be a huge expense for them; many companies would not be able to afford it. Companies such as Twitter, Facebook, Netflix and others would have been forced out of business because they rely on the Internet for all of their business and would most likely be forced to pay higher prices. Thankfully for them, the new rules passed.

The consumers also win here because if these costs increased, then they would have to pay high prices for services and would experience more advertising when visiting free sites. In the end, from a business standpoint net neutrality is a big win.

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