Art and Music Program adds two courses

Printmaking, museum studies to come

Commentary by
Madeline Keegan

Exciting news for those looking to expand their art and art history knowledge: two brand-new courses will be added to The University’s curriculum for the fall semester of 2015. They include ART 184: Printmaking and ART 184: Introduction to Museum Studies.

For the first time ever, the studio art curriculum will be offering a printmaking course for interested students.

The course will be taught by adjunct professor Melissa Wolerming, who holds a M.F.A. in printmaking from Marywood University and is a master printmaker herself. Printmaking entails producing one master image and then printing multiple images from it; this enables one to make multiples of an image quickly and efficiently. Printmaking is a great skill for those interested in making T-shirts, perhaps for Parade Day 2016.

In addition to printmaking, a course in digital photography is being developed for 2016. Studio art is not the only field in The University taking off — art history is as well. The art history faculty is pleased to welcome Jennifer Mineo, who will be teaching one additional section of the Art of Antiquity in addition to an introductory course for another new program in development: museum studies.

Museum studies would be an ideal course for anyone looking to expand their horizons, learn about the many different ancient cultures or even just impress new friends with their knowledge of the many famous museums all around the world.

Now, for those more interested in the course, a museum studies minor would be an excellent addition to the resumes of students in arts and sciences who are interested in pursuing a career in art, history or science museums, visual archives or historical and cultural societies.

Mineo will be the first University graduate of the art history program to return to her alma mater as a teacher. She holds a master’s degree in museum studies from the Rhode Island School of Design. There are great strides being made by The University that aim to increase student involvement in the arts, and many students should take advantage of these wonderful opportunities.


March 27, 2015.

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