Inside look: Electric City Scranton Ultimate

Francesco Campese

Staff Writer

The two-day Frisbee tournament was held at Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster Saturday and Sunday.

In total, seven teams came to play, fighting for a chance to advance to the regional tournament: Franklin & Marshall College, Muhlenberg College, Haverford College, Lehigh University, Swarthmore College, Philadelphia University and The University.

We brought a decent sized team of 22 players, which proved to be just enough to keep subs flowing and allowing fresh legs to take the field while players rested between points.

The opening game was against Franklin & Marshall College, which ranked second in the pre-tournament bracket. The wind became a crucial factor to the game as gusts up to 25 mph made it very difficult to throw against the wind. We played a decent game but giving up a couple of upwind points proved to be our downfall, and we lost 13-8.

The wind continued during the next game against Muhlenberg College. Ranked number three before the tournament, it proved to be our most equally skilled team. After trading points on every score we found ourselves down 7-6 at half. Our defeat came toward the end of the game as we let up an upwind breakpoint. This breakpoint gave them enough edge to hold us off by hard cap, or the time limit, and we lost 12-10.

Drained after our second game, we had less than five minutes to start our third game of the day against Haverford College. This game was probably the most frustrating; we could not focus on the game at hand because we were still down after our previous loss. Haverford had two handlers who could throw well in the rough wind conditions and we had no answer to their offense. We lost 13-5.

After the hour off for lunch break we faced the number-one team, Lehigh University, who was claiming Division I after this tournament. With this information we used the last game to give the younger players more time to get on field and gain experience. We put together a couple of nice drives but in the end we lost 13-2 in the quickest game of the tournament and the last game of the first day.

For the second day we were only guaranteed to play two games, and the first was against Swarthmore College. We came out hot, as the weather conditions were near perfect, and scored two points in the first few minutes, eventually the game started to even itself out and we were down 7-6 at halftime. We played a great second half but Swarthmore just seemed to overcome us and they won at hard cap 13-10.

By the last game of the tournament we were all extremely sore and tired. We found ourselves again too distracted by the narrow loss from the previous game to be able to start the final game against Philadelphia University. The game started to get out of hand, and by halftime we were losing 7-0. We came together, knowing that we probably would not win the game, but we wanted to show Philadelphia University that we still had something in the tank. We came out of halftime hot and ended up scoring eight points in the second half, losing 12-8.

“Given the conditions of the 20 mph winds on the first day we played very well considering the level of competition and the level of experience,” senior captain Curtis said. “On the second day, we played very well, giving Swarthmore College a run for their money and outscoring Philadelphia University in the second half. I am very happy with how we performed. A competitive tournament like this was a great opportunity for young players to get experience.”

At the end of the tournament we left 0-6, which is disappointing but personally I think we played better than the scoreboard reflected.
Our next tournament is this coming weekend at Rider University, where we will be hungry for a win.

April 17, 2015

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