Letter to the editor: Trust Iran

Dear editor,

I cannot understand why the United States and the rest of the western world are casting doubts on the sincerity and the honesty of The Islamic Republic of Iran on their intentions to use the uranium that they are producing for peaceful and scientific projects. The record shows that the government of Iran backs up its words with actions and are very family-oriented, which attests to their high moral standards. Allow me to give a few examples for those people who do not think I have expressed the truth.

The Islamic Republic of Iran has labeled the United States as the Big Satan. They say the U.S. is a corrupt society. They do not express this in secret but hold mass rallies where they openly proclaim “Death to America.”

The Iranians also brand The State of Israel as the Little Satan which must be erased from the face of the earth. Truthful to their words, not only do the crowds shout “Death to Israel,” but they have supplied Hamas in Gaza with thousands of rockets which were launched at Israel to destroy the country.

As I mentioned, they are very loyal to their brethren and do not let anything come in their way to come to their aid. When their Alawite-Shiite brother needed help, they sent him all types of weapons to keep him in power, even though as of now over 200,000 people of Syria have been killed. The Iranians also came to the aid of their co-religionists in Yemen and drove out the U.S.-backed government and their special forces. Even more impressive, they sent more than 20,000 militia men to Iraq to defend the country from the Islamic Republic of Iraq and Syria for an unlimited amount of time.

The government must also be admired for its environmental and scientific long-range goals. Despite their rich oil reserves, they have built 20,000 centrifuges that could be used to power the country without fossil fuel. They have housed most of their reactors underground, most likely to prevent them from having a nuclear disaster like the one in Japan. They also have spent a large amount of money to buy a sophisticated air defense system from Russia to ensure that their scientists, who are experimenting with uranium, can work in peace and security to win a Nobel Peace Prize in nuclear physics.

The record clearly shows that the words and the deeds of the government of Iran should be taken as true and should leave no doubt that they are not developing a bomb. We should trust them. This being said, it is a shame to think of how much time and energy and taxpayer money Secretary of State John Kerry and the staff spent while they were staying at the beautiful hotel in Switzerland in order to verify the intentions of this very forthcoming country of Iran.

Neill Ackerman, Ph.D.

Department of Mathematics

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