Letter to the editor: Come on, Turcea!

Dear editor,

I am quite happy that Mr. Benjamin Turcea took the time to read my article on Iran and the bomb but I am disappointed that he did not realize that it was a satire full of blatant sarcasm. I will not parse each phrase but will summarize in direct language my views on the situation.

The regime in Iran considers the United States as an immoral and corrupt country which opposes all the religious beliefs of the Islamic State. Iran is the modern day Persian Empire which has a 3000 year history which at times was a major world power which ruled over the Middle East. The rulers of today are bent on restoring the prestige and influence of the empire. In order to do this they have developed a mighty military which includes intercontinental missiles which can reach Europe. They need this capability to deter Europe and the US from interfering with their plans. The threat will be complete with the deployment of atomic warheads.

This being said, I believe that a deal will be signed with Iran but it will continue to develop in the bomb secretly underground and when they feel the time is opportune will kick out the inspectors and before the U.S. and its allies can agree to respond the bomb will be on the Iranian missiles.

As to the hope that the removal of sanctions will lead to a more moderate Iran, I believe are slim. The regime is firmly based on a 3000 year nationalism and strict adherence to religious laws which are not easily compromised.

I sum up my views in truly serious tone and that is the only way we will prevent Iran from getting the bomb is to PRAY.

Neill Ackerman, Ph.D.
Math Department

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