Incoming EIC thanks seniors


I did not expect any of this at the first meeting of Aquinas editors and potential writers in September. I was standing next to a bunch of strangers who were about to be come some of my closest friends. I will never forget how close I got with Brigid right away. After just a few days of doing work together in the office, it felt like I could not get rid of her – I mean, it felt like we were inseparable. I will definitely miss bickering with Brigid, but most of all I will miss her liaising.

I will miss Ben’s stoic presence and his unwavering humility even though he is one of the smartest people, not just students, I have ever met. He would probably make me delete this sentence if I started naming his accolades. I will miss Benny sitting at the far right computer, controlling the music and making his pages, yet always willing to throw in funny comments that send laughter throughout the office.

Kate has taught me so much about overcoming adversity and being open about personal matters. She has always been there to help with any work despite her health setbacks and has been there for anyone who needs to vent, just as we have been there for her.

Maria’s niceness rivals that of a saint. Even if she simply made a clarification on an edit to an article, she said it in such a peaceful manner that it made my experience here a little bit more pleasant.

I am going to miss Laura’s incredible organizational skills and determination. Even though she always has a million things going on, you would never know it because she will always take time to stop what she is doing to help someone else. I will miss her reading my articles and responding, “It’s fine” after I put house of work into it. She would then realize how much I cared about her opinion and elaborate. I know how good of a writer she is, and I wanted to hear a response from the best. Laura facilitated fun while also maintaining focus on The Aquinas. Even Dr. Zanazana called us brother and sister in class. I will miss my “boss” and I am honored to have the chance to fill her shoes next year.

I have played sports my whole life and I have been on many teams, but I can honestly say that this is probably the best team I have ever been on. These seniors are so smart, caring and hardworking and have been important role models to me. I know they will be successful, and I will miss them more than they know.

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  1. Mike Gemei Reply

    May 12, 2015 at 4:15 pm

    Very nice to acknowledge those on the “team” that gave support and encouragement. It’s not easy to start something new without knowing what to expect. I’m sure everyone involved in your development appreciates your kind words.

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