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New app hopes to simplify the stress of group projects

Published: September 11, 2015

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Imagine having the capability to perform the planning and tasks related to group projects practically anywhere and anytime using your mobile device. Swoodle, a new app released to the app store in March and developed by the company DisplayNote Technologies, allows just that. Designed for Apple iPhones, iPads and iPod Touches, Swoodle aims to achieve real time collaboration with as little frustration as possible. Paul Brown, CEO at DisplayNote Technologies, said in an interview, “We wanted to get stuff done quicker, be more productive and not waste time.”

Swoodle is a free app that offers its users the ability to work with as many contacts as they wish on the same project at the same time. The app currently supports viewing, sharing and editing of office documents, presentations, doodles, images and PDFs.

With Swoodle, as one user scrolls, annotates, highlights and edits the work, the others can follow along as the work appears on their screen. Unlocking the work allows all invited contacts to participate in the editing and to save the document in its original format. Swoodle also features a variety of ways to communicate with one another through multi-way video, voice call, and instant messaging. The app will soon be formatted for desktop and Android.

Allowing a more fast-paced exchange of ideas and work, Swoodle could potentially increase productivity and efficiency while simultaneously removing the discontinuity of delineated individual work that must be composed into one document. So far, it has received rave reviews among the public. Students in particular could utilize Swoodle to avoid the hassle of multiple meetings in the library and the problem of working around others’ schedules. Swoodle would be a great asset to The University n students, especially the commuter population.

When interviewed, students at The University showed some interest. Margaret Dodgson,a sophomore neuroscience major, said, “I think it is a brilliant idea! As a commuter, I am not on campus 24/7. This app can come in handy for last minute editing at late hours of the night when I am off campus. However, I don’t think that the app could or should completely substitute meeting with a group face to face; group meetings create a palpable, collaborative energy through the students without which the project could be lackluster” Maura Burns, a sophomore biology major, said, “I really like how you are able to video chat with your lab partner or another person opposite the screen. Since you are doing the project separately but ultimately together, it is nice that you are able to discuss a topic or idea ‘face-to-face’ rather than texting or emailing it. The only drawback to this app that I see so far is the fact it is designed for the iPad and iPhone. I believe more students would be able to benefit from an app that is designed for computers and laptops as well.”

So whether one is a student with a hectic schedule or a commuter or one who prefers the comfort of working in his or her own room, Swoodle has its benefits. There may very soon be a Swoodle revolution on campus.

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