Intramural sports attract a diverse group of students

Published: September 11, 2015


Sports Correspondent

Intramural sports have become increasingly popular at The University and campuses nationwide. Intramural sports are entirely for fun and operate in three cycles: fall, Intersession and spring. Fall intramural sports include Men’s Flag Football for both first-year students and upperclassmen, women’s flag football, co-recreational kickball, co-rec volleyball, co-rec Ultimate Frisbee, co-rec basketball, singles racquetball, co-rec table tennis, men’s tennis (singles), women’s tennis (singles), men’s whiffleball and women’s field hockey. Most of the leagues meet once a week and do not take up much time. The forfeit fee is only $10 a team, and everyone is encouraged to take part.

Brad Graefe, a senior who engages in intramural sports, said he enjoys flag football the most.

“The best part about it is just getting all your buddies together and playing against other friends that you know while getting to know kids from other buildings,” Graefe said.

“It’s really a great opportunity, especially for freshmen, to get out and meet friends.” Graefe also wanted to encourage students not to quit after one year, citing the fact that his team did not win a single game in his first year, but went to the semi-finals the next year.

Intersession intramural sports offer a small variety of activities, only cornhole, skiing/snowboarding and three-on-three basketball, but it is a great chance for anyone looking into a short-term option.

Spring intramural sports include men’s basketball, women’s basketball, co-rec volleyball, co-rec wallyball, co-rec dodgeball, doubles cornhole, doubles racquetball, men’s soccer, women’s soccer, co-rec softball and doubles badminton.

Timmy Gray, a sophomore and veteran intramural soccer player, had some comments on spring intramural sports.

“It’s a lot of fun and meets on Sundays so nobody had anything to do other than school work, which made it a great break and release from the studying or work that you had to do before the week started,” Gray said.

While Gray is one of many who is involved in intramural sports, there is something unique about his team. Gray noted he and his teammates opt to wear jerseys, which is something not every team does, or is required to do.

“Picking your jersey is one of the best parts about intramurals. My team decided to wear Hawaiian shirts to every game, but other teams always switched it up and it made for some good laughs,” Gray said.

John McLaughlin, a first-year student here at The University, said he has already gotten involved with intramurals.
“Dodgeball of course! I’m gonna be playing basketball in the fall too, but there’s nothing like dodgeball and I can’t wait to play in the spring.”

Although McLaughlin is only in his first year, he has some expectations for his intramural experience.

“I just want to have fun and I think that’ll be easy to in intramural and I think I’ll meet a bunch of friends too,” McLaughlin said.

Fall semester rosters are due online at by Sept. 9 at midnight. Intramural sports offer the fun and competitiveness of college sports, without the time commitment.

It is a fantastic way to get out and meet people interested in the same activities as you, and it will not take up more than an hour a week. All are encouraged to get particiapte. It is a perfect way to get involved and meet new people.

There are intramural sports for people of all types and there are options available to you as a team and as an individual. For more information, go to the Recreation Office in the Byron Recreation Center, room 201.