Living learning community invites sophomores to explore their faith

Published: September 11, 2015

Faith Columnist

At some point during an open house or orientation, most incoming first-year students will learn about the living learning communities on campus.

What not all studentsrealize, however, is that the University also offers the same communities to sophomores. One such community is Cura Personalis.

Cura Personalis, or “CP” for short, focuses on “care of the whole person” through three different pillars – service, faith and justice – which hold events for CP and the University community throughout the academic year.

CP students live together throughout both their first and sophomore years.

Members of the CP community work within these pillars based upon their interests.

Sophomore Anna Giannatonio is this year’s head of the faith pillar.

One of the key facets of participating in the faith pillar is connecting with peers and sharing a common bond of faith and spirituality.

“A major part of faith pillar is being able to express your faith with your classmates,” Giannatonio said.

The events on campus throughout the semester, “provide a means to live out Christ’s message, to live out His works on campus and in our community in Scranton,” Giannantonio said.

However, the faith pillar is not the only pillar in Cura Personalis.

Giannantonio emphasized that many of the events CP hosts on campus involve multiple pillars.

“Faith pillar, along with service and justice, creates an environment where our shared beliefs – and even if they’re not shared, just our beliefs – are all contributed and we work to brainstorm events that really reflect who we are as a group on campus,” she said.

Not every member of Sophomore CP was in the program as a first-year student. One such member is sophomore Daniel O’Reilly, the assistant head of faith pillar.

O’Reilly chose to join CP his sophomore year in large part because he saw how close the first-years who had come to know each other through CP became over the course of the year.

“I love faith pillar because it allows me to learn more about the faith I’m learning about in class, allows me to put it into action with people that I’m really close with and help make a difference on campus,” O’Reilly said.

Sophomore Victoria Gazzillo, a member of faith pillar, is excited for the events involving multiple pillars.

“We have a few programs set that are intertwined with the service and justice pillars, so I feel like us all coming in as a community is just going to really bring us to the next level,” she said.

Events during the semester give the campus community an opportunity to learn more about what Cura Personalis does, as well as opportunities to become involved in programs that emphasize service, faith and justice.

Both first-year and sophomore CP students will be holding events throughout the semester, some of them involving multiple pillars, which will range from fundraisers for various charities to simpler activities like the prayer wall.

The first-year CP students will also be hosting events for each of the three pillars.

Both sophomore and first-year CP members will participate in many of these events.

This column will provide insight into the activities and perspectives of all three of these communities, with a special emphasis on the faith pillar.

As first-year and sophomore students in the Cura Personalis living learning community develop new programs and respond to events that affect The University, this column will provide information.


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