Alumna returns with advice

SUBMITTED PHOTO / JESSIE KOERNER SUCCESSFUL ALMUNA, Manday Antoniacci, came to The University Sept. 12. As one of the youngest executive vice presidents in the advertising industry, Antoniacci gave suggestions on how to approach future careers.

Published: September 18, 2015

Staff Writer

Mandy Antoniacci, thriving professional, inspired students

Mandy Antoniacci came to The University to discuss her successful career with the students Sept. 12.
She started off the presentation by saying, “The goal of this session is to make you feel inspired and help you get closer to that journey.”

Antoniacci received her undergraduate degree in marketing here at The University. She was also a member of the Scranton Royals varsity softball team and was an important member of the starting lineup.

Antoniacci climbed the ladder of success and became one of the youngest executive vice presidents in the advertising industry, where she got her start. She then moved on to interviewing anyone who represents the business of sports who makes a positive impact on society, which is now her main focus.

“My worry is the media,” Antoniacci. “They always show five percent of the bad, and what they’re not showing is the 95 percent of the good going on in the world.”

Now, Antoniacci is trying to take all the negativity that is thrown out in the world and turn it into a positive, which is why she started The Changeup Project.

The Changeup Project is a media platform designed to address some of the biggest challenges in the business of sports.

She had the opportunity to become president of an advertising company, which would have made her the youngest president in the industry, but she declined. She knew that she could make a lot of money with it, but she felt that she had to try to make a change.

Her goal of the session was completed according to junior strategic communication student, Brittany Lemardy, when asked how she felt about the presentation.

“I thought it was super inspiring and for her to be a woman and be so successful and daring is motivating for me.”

Sometimes, influencing others in a positive way, such as Antoniacci teaching us how to throw a change up through The Changeup Project, is more satisfaction than money could ever give.

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