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Published: September 18, 2015

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Advice to keep in touch with parents, siblings

Everyone always says, “College is the best time of your life.” What they don’t tell you is that college is also the busiest time of your life! Between choir rehearsals, HPO meetings and a very full course load, I feel that I’ve always got something to do and somewhere to go. Because of my full schedule, I often feel overwhelmed and/or too busy to make time for anything else. After a full day of classes and rehearsals, by the time I finish my homework for the night I’m so tired that I’m ready to fall asleep right at my desk.

As you begin your college career, many people are going to try to give you advice. Classic examples include, “Get enough sleep,” “Move out of your comfort zone,” and the best one, “Don’t procrastinate!” I would like to offer yet another piece: Call home. Make time to talk, not text, to your parents and your siblings. Besides the fact that your parents do love and care for you, they also do have a vested interest in your life. After all, they did spend about eighteen years raising you! And the bond between siblings is something special that even hundreds of miles cannot break.

Though you will often hear this advice from other mothers who have already sent children to college, I give it for another reason. Calling home helps you too. After spending a full day running around to classes, attending meetings and finding time to eat, being able to share your full day with someone is very calming. I find that sharing my life with someone who just wants to listen is a relaxing and even cathartic process.

Another important thing about calling your parents is that you can find out information from home as well. I find that remaining in the loop almost makes it feel that I never left, which is nice when I come home for breaks. Just as my family members care about my life, I also care about what is happening in theirs. My sister tells me about her week at school, while my parents tell me all about the latest happenings in the neighborhood.

Though college is a time for new beginnings, new friendships and a new part of your life, don’t forget to hold onto the important parts that make your life so special. Find time, even a little bit, to talk to and stay connected with your family.

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