Annual Job & Internship Fair debuts

Published: September 25, 2015

News Correspondent

The University will host the first biannual Job and Internship Fair Thursday.

Students of all majors are invited to expand their horizons and explore their futures at the fair from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the DeNaples Center Ballroom. From Coca-Cola to Lord & Taylor, a large variety of more than 50 employers will be attending and looking for future employees.

The new director of career services Chris Whitney shared her enthusiasm for the event.

“I would describe it as very exciting,” she said. “We’re really looking forward to bringing a nice, diverse mix of different employers here to the students. Since it is a job and internship fair, we’re looking at organizations that are going to be able to offer students either internships or full-time employment.”

Whitney explained that students should expect the Job and Internship Fair to be similar to college fairs they attended in high school, where students would walk around and approach college representatives to ask questions.

She explained that students can, “literally go up and ask a recruiter any kind of question about their career, their experience with the company, why someone would be interested in working for the organization or what type of opportunities they have available.”

She said it is an opportunity to ask employers anything about different positions or about the company itself.

This is the first year the Job and Internship Fair will occur. Whitney assured that this will be a biannual event.

“We are actually going to be doing this twice a year because in recruitment, there’s a couple of different seasons,” Whitney said. “Right now, it’s a really heavy business season for fields such as finance and accounting, so you’ll see a lot of organizations in those fields.”

Many different organizations will recruit in the spring, according to Whitney.

“We’ll be having this one in the fall, and then another one on March 9, so that we can accommodate all of the organizations’ recruitments seasons,” she said.

Whitney explained the fair will benefit our school in a multitude of ways, especially the overall strategic plan, which has a focus on experiential learning and student success.

“Students are going to be successful if they have experiential learning opportunities,” Whitney said. “That could be internships, externships, fellowships or even service learning.”

Jonathan Crichton, a sophomore at The University, also thinks the fair will be beneficial.

“I think it’s a good opportunity for people to forward their careers,” Crichton said. “It does a good job in making people actually start to think of where they want to go.”

In providing the fair, and in general, the Center for Career Development’s main goal is to try to help students get as much experience as possible, because when students have those experiences, they are more likely to find an opportunity and be hired.

“The best-case scenario is when an internship turns into a full-time job offer. So that’s how we’re trying to benefit students, we’re trying to get them as much exposure to the various industries as possible,” she said.

Not only is this fair expected to be a wonderful opportunity to have personal conversations with a wide variety of prospective employers, but a helpful learning experience that offers real-life practice for professional presentation, interviewing and networking skills as well.

All things considered, the fair is hoped and predicted to be a tremendous success. Students are encouraged to attend and take full advantage of this excellent opportunity.

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