“Royal hearts for Purple Hearts” to aid veterans

Cura Personalis Column

Published: October 2, 2015

Staff Writer

With the semester squarely underway, the Faith Pillar of the sophomore branch of the Cura Personalis (CP) living learning community, in conjunction with the Service Pillar, is ready to launch their first campus-wide event.

The program, Royal Hearts for Purple Hearts, aims to raise money for the Wounded Warrior Project, and has been in the works since spring semester last year.

Jake Rispoli, a sophomore primary education and history major, as well as the assistant head of the Faith Pillar, developed the idea after one of the service fairs.

He says that he did not find anything that semester among the options from the service fair particularly of interest to him.

When he went back to his room and started looking for other organizations he could work with, he says a thought occurred to him.

“I’ve had a long line of family that has served throughout the military, in the Navy and the Air Force, and they’ve really been a huge impact on my life and to the rest of my family,” Rispoli said.

His family connection to the military launched a search for programs that give to the military, especially those wounded in battle, and from there Royal Hearts for Purple Hearts was born.

Though the idea arose from a service perspective, the faith connection is strong, says Anna Giannantonio, head of the Faith Pillar and a sophomore six-year occupational therapy major.

“Because we are called as God’s people to go to the edges of society and seek out the marginalized, this is our way of doing that without even leaving campus,” she says.

The program will raise money through t-shirt sales, and the profits will go towards the Wounded Warrior Project.

Within the next two weeks, sophomore CP will have table sits to sell the shirts, which will be distributed during the week of Veterans’ Day.

Giannantonio is excited to see the turnout, and hopes that the program will spread by word of mouth to as many people as possible on campus, including students, faculty and staff.

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