Senior starts Google Club; spreads cultural ideas on campus

Published: October 2, 2015

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Senior entrepreneurship and business administration major Chris LoGiurato was exploring Silicon Valley, meeting and training with Google executives a few weeks ago. Now he is head starting the first Google club on campus in his role as a Google student ambassador.

LoGiurato said he thought of the idea for the club when he was trying to think of a way to fulfill his duties as a brand ambassador on campus.

submitted photo: Nathan McCourt SENIOR Christopher LoGiurato stands in front of the Google logo at Googleplex in California.

SUBMITTED PHOTO / NATHAN MCCORT / SENIOR Christopher LoGiurato stands in front of the Google logo at Googleplex in California.

“One of my tasks is to spread the word of Google and the cultural ideas, so what better way to do it than by starting a club,” LoGiurato said.

He said this is the exact purpose of the club. Every aspect, from schedules, to interacting with members and Google headquarters, to events on campus, is facilitated by a Google program. He said the goal of the club is to incorporate these new technologies into the lives of everybody on campus including students, faculty, staff and administration and offer hands-on experience to propel the campus into the future.

“I want to try and get a decent amount of student support, get students really involved in the cultural ideas of Google and how we can implement them on campus,” LoGiurato said. “Hopefully that will translate into getting students and teachers to catch on and students can teach those teachers how to use that (technology).”

LoGiurato said besides the bonus of all the free “swag” and introduction to new cutting-edge technology, a main goal of the program is really to introduce students to internship and job opportunities available to them through Google.

“Definitely one of the first things is to strengthen that cultural idea, so really the first thing is probably engaging students (with) the programs, the internship opportunities and job opportunities Google has to offer,” LoGiurato said.

“That’s one of the biggest goals.”

The club’s first event, Tech Outreach on Oct. 22, will connect students with tech engineers and employees from Google. Students will hear perspectives on life at the booming company headquartered in California via Google Hangouts.

“It’s really getting a one-on-one interaction,” LoGiurato said. “Some people who work there are not too far removed from college. It’s really cool to see the ins and outs of what employees do on a daily basis.”

LoGiurato became one of these employees when he learned about the student ambassador program through his fellowship at Stanford University this past summer.

He was one of approximately 100 students across the country carefully selected as a brand ambassador out of thousands of applicants.

Because LoGiurato’s Google initiative is totally funded by Google, he did not have to go through the process of establishing a club with the center for student engagement.

“I kind of took an unconventional route,” LoGiurato said.

He approached Dean Michael Mensah of Kania School of Management with the idea. Logiurato said he was very supportive and willing to help because he loves supporting student initiative and seeing students reach their full potentials.

LoGiurato is not a novice in setting up clubs on campus. In his first year at The University, he established the entrepreneurship club, which he is still the president of.

To help the club achieve their goals, LoGiurato thought it necessary to expand the leadership of the Google club besides himself. He selected the candidates he found most eager and decided on vice presidents, Joshua Bristol and PJ Chierico and secretary, Matthew Salzarulo.

“I wanted to jump all over their enthusiasm and hopefully they can help me execute my idea(s),” LoGiurato said.

One vice president, Bristol, said he thinks bringing Google to campus could be very beneficial.

“We ultimately want to teach students and faculty the services that google can provide,” Bristol said. “But I see it as a great way to give back to others because there’s a lot that google does that a lot of people have absolutely no idea about.”

Student support has also been high for the club.

“I was very interested about what the club had to offer and how I can learn about Google’s operations,” senior Rebecca Khoury said. She also said she is interested by, “The cultural ideas and how they are innovative and adapt to customers wants and needs.”

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