McGladrey’s first time on campus

 PHoto courtesy of KSOM The Business Expo gives students the opportunity to talk to dozens of representatives from a wide variety of companies about internships and jobs.

PHOTO COURTEST OF KSOM /THE BUSINESS Expo gives students the opportunity to talk to dozens of representatives from a wide variety of companies about internships and jobs.

Published: October 9, 2015

Updated: October 9, 2015

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McGladrey is the fifth largest accounting firm with almost 8,000 professionals in its employment nationwide, along with access to 110 countries. McGladrey LLP offers a wide variety of services including assurance, tax and consulting. This year is the first year that McGladrey has chosen to come to The University to spread its company values and talk about the types of candidates it is looking for. The firm has hosted numerous events for University students and will hopefully continue giving students opportunities to network.

McGladrey was on campus the first week of school on the first floor of Brennan Hall. While some students may find it intimidating to speak with possible future employers on their way to class, I took a risk and went up and introduced myself. I was greeted warmly by an alumnus of The University, John Huyette, who works in IT audit. He helped me to develop an idea of what I should be doing to show that I am an interested candidate. John also told me that the culture at McGladrey is very similar to the culture here at The University, which is comforting when trying imagine my future career. I also spoke briefly with McGladrey campus recruiter Casey Tallman, who informed me about the BBQ Networking event they are hosting in a couple of weeks. After taking both of their business cards, I went on my way looking forward to seeing them again.

Students from the Kania School of Management were provided with the opportunity to attend the McGladrey Back to School BBQ and Networking Event on Sept. 10. The networking event provided students with a unique opportunity to interact with professionals on campus. Fabby Desir, a graduate student at The University, was in attendance and was asked after the event what encouraged him to attend.

“I decided to attend the BBQ to network, connect and build relationships with key influencers of the firm,” said Desir. Cheryl Collarini, is the career relations manager at The University. Collarini talked about why she believes it is important for students to attend networking events.

“Students get a better understanding of what the world of work will expect of them when they interact with alumni, recruiters and professionals in the various industries,” Collarini said.

Desir mentioned what he thought he took away from the networking opportunity.

“After leaving the BBQ, I felt motivated and confident about what McGladrey has to offer. That is, a positive work environment and the opportunity to climb from the bottom of the ladder as an entry-level associate, into a higher position. Also, I was given a positive understanding of what McGladrey’s corporate culture consists of.” Said Desir
The next opportunity for business students to get engaged was the Business Expo on Sept. 30. McGladrey was in attendance with a nice spread of goodies for students.

“McGladrey’s booth was full of really informative, outgoing and friendly people that made me feel comfortable. They gave good information about the firm, and were interested in hearing about me and what I was looking for,” said Maura Tyrell, a junior forensic accounting major at The University. McGladrey’s presence on campus is beneficial to accounting and finance students, for it will help our student body learn what it means to enter the business world after college.

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