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Published: October 30, 2015

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SCRANTON — The University held its annual “Last Comic Standing” event last Friday, and it was a huge success.

Hosted by popular comedian Ron Babcock, “Last Comic Standing” showcased the talents of University students who had the confidence to go up on stage and perform their own comedy act in front of a crowd expecting to laugh. Babcock started off the night with relatable jokes on popular subjects such as the online dating app Tinder, and making comments about how every female Instagram biography has the same Marilyn Monroe quote.

“You need to step back and check yourself,” Babcock said. “Take a look at yourself and say ‘Am I Marylin Monroe?’ If you’re not Marylin, slow your roll!” Babcock had the crowd all warmed up for the first act of the night, Brian Lloyd.

Lloyd is no stranger to the limelight. He has been practicing comedy for a while, performing in different comedy clubs in New York City. His set included jokes about how he wishes to one day be watching the show “Catfish” and see that a stranger was using his Facebook profile to find a date. Lloyd had the crowd rolling over after his quality jokes on how his friends play the board game Monopoly while under the influence of marijuana. He explained to the crowd that instead of trying to buy every property, his friends would help each other to make a higher profit on each property they bought.

“My one friend landed on a red property, and he didn’t want to buy it because red properties are expensive. So another friend tells him ‘Dude you know what you should do? Buy low on Baltic Ave, and build some properties for cheap. Soon enough, hipsters will move in and eventually it’ll be worth more!’” Lloyd explained.

Up next was Craig Lind. He walked up on stage to the John Cena intro song, and was an instant hit with the crowd. His act included fact that everyone has a doppleganger, or a person that looks identical to them, but is in no way actually related. Lind explained that he found his doppelganger right here at The University. Lind tells the crowd that he receives constant Snapchats and picture messages of his doppelganger from friends around The University, and he feels bad because his look-alike has no idea what is going on. Lind really would like to meet his doppelganger as well, but is slightly nervous as he jokingly told the crowd.

“I’m worried about meeting this guy, not because of the extremely weird fact that we look alike. I’m worried because what happens if he’s cooler than me? Now it won’t be that he is my mini-me, but I’ll be a big version of him!” Lind said.

Following Lind was Michael Bianco. Bianco structured his act by starting off referencing the unique culture he experienced while living in Philadelphia for an internship. What really got the crowd laughing was his story of Stanley, a massive cockroach that he once saw running across the floor of his bathroom. He explained to the crowd that his roommate and he always joked that Stanley was their third roommate, and that all their neighbors were convinced that Stanley was an awful roommate.

“I forgot my keys one day, and I started banging on the door, hoping my roommate would hear me,” Bianco said. “But then, as a joke of course, I started trying to apologize to Stanley for walking in on him in the bathroom by saying ‘Stanly, come on I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to walk in on you. The lock is broken, I should have knocked, I’m sorry!’”

Next up the crowd watched as Taylor Lagner took the stage for her first stand up performance. Lagner focused on her experience at concerts and the things she saw other fans wearing. Some of these outfits were shocking to 16-year-old Lagner and really opened her eyes to what some people believed to be appropriate clothing. She also dedicated part of her act to her dog who was a lot more to handle than she had originally thought.

“So I have a dog, whose name is Winston. He’s a big troublemaker. He loves to eat, as do most dogs. Except Winston really loves to eat wallpaper, and sheetrock,” Lagner said. The crowed loved the joke, as it was not only relatable, but also a great image to think about.

Lastly, the crowd gave a roaring applause to Ryan Burdick. This was the first time that Burdick had ever performed stand-up comedy in front of a crowd. He introduced himself as “Super Hot Fire” but made sure everyone knew from the beginning that he was not in fact, a rapper. Burdick focused most of his act on finding excuses to not go to the gym and quoting famous YouTube user, Dom Mazzetti. He also poked fun at The University for not allowing tank tops in the gym, which is a very controversial issue. He used gym rules such as “Pray before you gain,” and “Gains are temporary, friendship is forever.” Burdick closes the show by making a deal with Michael Fennie, Ph.D., a diehard Buffalo Bills fan. The deal was, that if the New England Patriots defeated the Buffalo Bills on Nov. 23, Fennie has to wear a Tom Brady jersey to the final. If the Bills win, Burdick will shave his head except for the words “Go Bills.” He agreed.

The comics were competing for some quite valuable prizes. First place won a brand new Apple Watch. Second place won a wireless Bose bluetooth speaker. The crowd favorite also won a $150 Amazon gift card. After some carefully calculated decisions by the judges, second place went to Brian Lloyd. When it came to first place and the crowd favorite, it was a unanimous decision, as Ryan Burdick walked to stage with a thunderous applause from the crowd to claim his Apple Watch. Burdick was excited for the win, but in his words, he didn’t expect to come in third let alone first place.

“When I won, I honestly couldn’t believe it. I was kind of panicking about it the week leading up to the show. I didn’t really have any good material at that point, so when it all came together in the end, I was literally speechless,” Burdick said.

In the end, every comic that competed did succeed in doing their job, making the crowd laugh. The next day was filled with students talking about how surprised they were and how hilarious every comedian actually was.

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