Reaper’s Revenge haunts local visitors

AQUINAS PHOTO / EMMA BLACK / REAPER’S REVENGE, located in Scott Township, features 50 acres of spooky attractions, including a haunted house.

AQUINAS PHOTO / EMMA BLACK / REAPER’S REVENGE, located in Scott Township, features 50 acres of spooky attractions, including a haunted house.

Published: October 30, 2015

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Some people enjoy celebrating the spooky aspects of the fall season. Others enjoy the warm, soothing smell of pumpkin candles.

One fall activity that keeps local visitors on the edge of their tractor seats is Reaper’s Revenge, located in Scott Township.

Comprised of nearly 150 local actors, actresses, makeup artists and costume designers, this attraction leaves its visitors both frightened and satisfied.

More effort than one may think goes into producing one of the most successful fall activities in northeastern Pennsylvania.

Owner Paul Kotran and his crew are hard at work during the weeks of this seasonal activity.

Reaper’s Revenge is considered a haunted house and features 60 acres of attractions.

Reaper’s Revenge opened six years ago and Kotran has constantly been working to improve it each year.

In 2009, Reaper’s Revenge was a hayride that took visitors through just two different attractions.

Today the hayride includes four different attractions, which can take more than two hours to experience thoroughly.IMG_1670

The first event is the Haunted Hay Ride section in which the tractor makes stops and characters perform skits at different stations. These skits can be gory, comical or scary. In between skits, people can stay occupied through the use of strobe lights and fog machines along the path.

The next stop is called the Lost Carnival. Attendees leave the tractor and walk through a carnival-themed decorated forest. They can expect to encounter some exotic clowns before making their way through the Tunnel of Love, where there may just be a few surprises waiting for them.

A 2011 addition to Reaper’s Revenge was the third section of the tour: The Pitch Black. This is also a walk-through event where people must navigate their way through a maze in total darkness. This attraction appeals to the 4-D senses, as people may be bumped, poked and tapped.

Before ending the night, visitors travel through Sector 13 which is an interactive piece of the tour. Sector 13 allows guests to play “Zombie Paintball” and shoot pumpkin slingshots. When people exit the last section, they can warm up or relax by a giant bonfire.

The attraction’s initial hayrides depart at dark. Before that, actors and actresses work diligently doing hair and makeup, getting into costume and making fake blood from oatmeal and red dye.

The Reaper’s Revenge family is supportive of each other, as many of the actors/actresses double as makeup artists and will delay their own preparation of getting ready in order to tease the hair or paint the face of someone else.

Reaper’s Revenge also has charity days in which certain dates in September are selected and a portion of all tickets bought on those days benefit pre-selected charities.

As indicated on the Reaper’s Revenge website, the biggest crowds gather in the middle of October. During this time, it can take multiple hours to buy a ticket on top of hours to get on the tractor. VIP passes are available for customers who choose to purchase in advance. More than 100 hayrides can run in a night at this popular fall haunt.


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