‘Scream Queens’ thrills audiences

“SCREAM QUEENS” debuted on Sept. 22, exciting fans of “American Horror Story.” The show has been the source of high ratings and popularity.

COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / “SCREAM QUEENS” debuted on Sept. 22, exciting fans of “American Horror Story.” The show has been the source of high ratings and popularity.

Published: October 30, 2015

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Fall is a season of traditions- pumpkin picking, haunted hayrides and, of course, trick-or-treating, but each new fall season also brings a new set of TV shows competing for ratings and popularity.

One of these new shows is “Scream Queens,” which premiered on Fox on Sept. 22. Since then, the show has garnered a lot of attention.

“Scream Queens,” which is both a horror and a comedy, is about a college sorority that finds itself the target of a violent serial killer.

The show stars several well-known actors including Emma Roberts as the sorority president and Jamie Lee Curtis, as the dean of the college.

Other familiar faces include Nick Jonas, Ariana Grande and Lea Michele.First-year student Brianna Baron is a fan of the show.

“It’s funny to see these well-known figures playing horrific people. They usually are the sweethearts of the show so seeing Nick Jonas and Emma Roberts playing a villain is hilarious,” Baron said.

Ryan Murphy, Brad Fulchuk and Ian Brennan, the creators of “Scream Queens,” are no strangers to television success.

Ryan Murphy is a screenwriter, director and producer whose past successes include “Nip/Tuck,” “Glee” and “American Horror Story.”

“Scream Queens” is often compared to “American Horror Story,” Murphy’s most recent success.

“It’s more lighthearted. I think it’s quite funny and it doesn’t take itself too serious,” first-year student Brandon Garcia said.

“I felt like American Horror Story is a lot more serious and he is just making fun of himself with Scream Queens,” Baron added.

One of the comedic elements of Scream Queens is the way that it satirizes the horror genre.

Garcia compared it to the “Scary Movie” franchise, a series of movies that parodies horror movies. Garcia also said that he enjoys the “over exaggeration of the characters” and recommends it for people who want to laugh with their friends.

As well as being comedic, “Scream Queens” employs many elements typical of the horror genre such as gore, with the characters dying in gruesome ways.

“I would recommend it for people with strong stomachs since it can be kind of gross,” Garcia said.

“Scream Queens” has made its mark on the 2015 television season and so far, it seems to be another hit for Ryan Murphy.\

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