‘The Walking Dead’ off to running start

“THE WALKING Dead” premiered on Oct. 1, receiving much attention and response from fans.

COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS /“THE WALKING Dead” premiered on Oct. 1, receiving much attention and response from fans.

Published: October 30, 2015

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The start of season six of “The Walking Dead” has broken records in showing the most violent events in AMC hit series history when it premiered on Oct. 1.

“The Walking Dead” remains a top show after five seasons in a row. It continues to successfully narrate the struggles with humanity, love, loss and family in a zombie apocalypse and prove that it is a place where no one is safe.

On Sunday nights, viewers witness the will to live pushed to its limits as characters reveal human survival instincts that reside deep within them. Since the beginning, Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and his group fight to live, to find help and to make the right choices. However, too many times what they think is right ends up biting them in the butt. Simultaneously, the show’s executives Scott Gimple, Robert Kurkman and Greg Nicotero constantly work to keep the show alive.

“The Walking Dead” season premiere contained flashbacks filmed in black and white, which provided a clear way to distinguish from the backstory of what has happened since the season five finale, leading up to Rick’s action plan that is currently in motion. This technique also helped establish new characters such as Heath, Enid and Morgan.

Ultimately, the 90-minute premiere ends with a mysterious ringing horn coming from the direction of Alexandria. After seeing countless walkers with Ws carved onto their foreheads and graffiti messages “Wolves Not Far,” the second episode revealed how ruthless of a cult the Wolves truly are.

Back at the safe-zone, characters Carol (Melissa McBride) and Morgan (Lennie James), demonstrate how much they have changed and developed over the seasons.

Episode three resumed in the perspective of Rick and a group led by Michonne and Glenn splitting up, trying to finish the action plan and desperately trying to get back to Alexandria- which leaves the world heartbroken.

So far in season six, there has been a focus on Rick’s ongoing struggle to assert himself as a leader of both Alexandria and the original group.

Rick, Carl, Maggie, Glenn, Carol and Daryl also experienced character transformations. Carol isn’t the frail victim of domestic violence anymore and Rick has become a harder and more cutthroat person.

With the reintroduction of Morgan, who is now more mentally stable than Rick, the question of who is going to save whom from themselves will be answered in the rest of the series. The next episode will air on AMC on Nov. 1.

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