Volleyball falls to Susquehanna

Published: November 6, 2015

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The volleyball team ended its remarkable season in a 3-0 loss to Susquehanna University in the Landmark Conference semifinals Wednesday night.

Susquehanna will play at Juniata College in the Conference Finals.

It was not the first time that Scranton and Susquehanna played against each other. The Royals played against Susquehanna Oct. 17 in a 0-3 losing effort.

Although the team’s season came to an unfortunate halt, it was still a great year.The team earned two more wins than last year, and doubled its total from 2013.

During the regular season, the team put together an impressive record of 25-11. The season was a bit different for the team, as the members had to adapt to the loss of one of their best players.

Susquehanna is also in the midst of a terrific season, earning a regular season record of 25-9, and only suffering one loss to a conference rival.

Julia Crilley, who was one of the most integral members of the team, graduated last May, but the team has stepped up. The members meshed well during the season, and younger members stepped up. Each member has impressed the team.

Prior to the game, Sophomore Kristen Sweeney said the entire team has stepped up in the wake of Crilley’s graduation.

“A lot of us have really stepped up and worked extra hard this year. We’ve all played better, and we hope that’s something we can carry into the postseason,” Sweeney said.

Sweeney also said the team’s mentality has been the main reason for its success during the regular season.

“We’ve been working on mentality a lot this season. Just going into games confident does a lot for the way we play. Knowing whatever is happening on the other side of net, knowing we can just focus on us helps us so much. We just really execute well as a team,” Sweeney said.

Focusing and staying calm during the postseason is not the easiest thing to do, but the volleyball team was intent on doing so. Against Susquehanna, Sweeney said keeping the offensive momentum going was a clear point of emphasis for the team.

“We definitely have a very aggressive offense, and its been working so well for us all season. We just always are swinging at the ball, and our placement has been really good too. We just need to continue to perform well on offense,” Sweeney said.

Although the team ultimately fell to Susquehanna, the season the team enjoyed is something to be proud of.

The team has numerous first-year, sophomore and junior team members returning next year, and the y will look to build on the successes it enjoyed in 2015.

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