Student pleads for heckling to cease

Published: November 6, 2015

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Just once, one time, I would like to walk through the Denaples Center without being harassed.

Everyone has experienced it. Some days are worse than others, but it’s nearly an everyday occurrence, lately.

It’s a constant stream of harassment that never seems to come to an end.

It is not just from one particular person or group either; it seems like there are new people waiting to pounce as soon as someone comes up or down the stairs on the second floor, like a pack of piranhas waiting to tear apart their unsuspecting prey.

It’s starting to get to a point where I honestly dread walking out of the Aquinas office to go to the bathroom and get a drink.

I just wish that those club tables, and all of the people manning them, would go away and give me some peace.

Now, here’s the thing. I’m by no means saying that the clubs on campus shouldn’t be allowed to get the word out about their events around campus.

In fact, I have worked at the table for The Aquinas on National News Engagement Day.

The difference between when I worked at the table and other tables was that we didn’t blare music, dance around in front of people, get in the way of people and harass them as they walk by. That’s not advertisement; that’s annoying and unnecessary.

No, I don’t want to go to the dance on Saturday. I won’t want to go even a single bit more because you blasted Taylor Swift on Spotify in the hallway and asked every person who walked by.

In fact, I may avoid the campus completely on Saturday because of it.

These tables are just another one of the daily annoyances we have to deal with all around us on a daily basis.

We have to put up with prank calls, telemarketers, spam emails and texts.

Why would someone want to deal with a pop-up ad personified while they are just trying to get back to the Student Forum with their lunch or get to class on time? Students on campus have enough to worry about without needing to worry about someone in a club shirt running up to me like a homeless person in New York City begging for change.

We all see the posters about your events. We all get the emails about your events.

In fact, when you guys put on the events, you always get a pretty good turnout, in my experience.

I feel like if they weren’t too busy setting up these unnecessary tables to harass people, they would probably be able to get even better attendance.

Maybe even just hand out flyers, pamphlets or post about it on social media. There are many, many different things you could do besides harassing people.

I think the worst part about the whole situation is the reactions of the people at the tables when you ignore them.

I have gotten passive aggressive replies, been asked the same question multiple times as I passed by and even had people roll their eyes like I’m somehow in the wrong for not liking the fact that they just ran up to me like an angry dog in a fenced-in yard.

I just wish, one time, I could go a week without being annoyed by the clubs who are supposed to be helping me have fun on campus. Crazy request, right?

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