CISPA copying private snapchats

Published: November 20, 2015

Staff Writer

When ROYALSECURE goes down it seems like our life is on hold. Whether it is submitting an assignment to the desire2learn dropbox, or watching Netflix, students are seemingly always utilizing the Internet. Students are always posting personal data, whether it is on Facebook, Instagram or inputting personal information when purchasing Vineyard Vines pullover. All this data, under the Cyber Intelligence Sharing Protection Act, can now be collected and distributed to any government agency. The purpose of the bill is to avoid cyber hacks, such as the recent one at Target, but this protection comes at the price of our privacy. In 2013, a similar bill was not passed due to backlash by Internet sites such as Twitter, Reddit and Wikipedia. This one is backed by Obama, and has now passed the Senate and will seemingly pass the House of Representatives.

One University student, Blaise Casillo, sophomore, says he has nothing to hide. His favorite activity is sending selfies via Snapchat, but he feels like the bill is similar to leaving all the doors unlocked. Rand Paul, presidential candidate, is also opposed to the bill, as well as Edward Snowden, infamous leaker of the NSA surveillance information. Now, whether you are targeted as a threat or not, your information can be collected and viewed. The intention seems good, but opponents of the bill cite the vague language as reason to just call this bill all about surveillance. Those who favor it, such as Apple and Microsoft, say it is simply an easy way to turn over hackers’ information to the government.

Whether the bill gets passed may not have an effect on you, unless you mind Obama being able to see how you did this semester. Personally, I feel that this bill is akin to airport security, and will not truly be able to have a major impact on improving Internet security. The Internet is still a relatively new field, and the means by which you can properly introduce ways to monitor and police it still need to be discussed.

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