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Published: November 20, 2015

Photo  submitted by Small Business development center JAKE BRUNO, senior Communication major at the University, and Phil Condron, President of Condron & Cosgrove working at Condron & Cosgrove.

PHOTO SUBMITTED BY SMALL BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT CENTER / JAKE BRUNO, senior Communication major at the University, and Phil Condron, President of Condron & Cosgrove working at Condron & Cosgrove.

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Here at the Small Business Development Center, we cannot believe that it is already the middle of November. That being said, we like to check in with our current interns midway through their internships to see how things are going. This week, we caught up with Jake Bruno, a senior communication major at The University, who is currently interning at Condron & Cosgrove. Here is what he had to say about his experience so far.

Initially, Bruno was attracted to the internship because it fulfilled his “three part goal: to work in marketing, to work in communications and to work in advertising.” So far at Condron & Cosgrove, he has dabbled in all three parts of his goal. He feels that the internship process was quick, easy and comfortable, and that the SBDC helped the entire process run smoothly.

As a part of his internship, Bruno is learning valuable skills, including account management and direct communication with clients. One of the most rewarding parts of his internship is that he is able to see how his work directly affects clients. He has also added lots of experience to his portfolio, including a marketing research project for a major law firm and a public relations campaign for a major natural gas producer. Bruno has also participated in some fun networking and advertising opportunities, and was able to participate in different client and creative meetings. Bruno also had his first real exposure to video production through this internship.

One main thing that Bruno has learned so far through his internship is that “it all has to do with proportion.” It amazes him that Condron & Cosgrove can accomplish so much with such a small staff. He attributes the company’s success to its team’s cohesiveness. He believes that everyone at Condron & Cosgrove works together and shares the same business goals. Among everything else he has gained from his internship, Bruno has been afforded reasonable hours, three credits toward his degree, mentorships and meaningful work. He also was able to relate a lot of his projects to examples he learned during his advertising decision making class.

Even at a smaller firm, there are endless possibilities to boost resumés and gain valuable, real life experiences..

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