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Published: December 4, 2015

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I can hear the crowd cheering me on as I walk onto the stage. I feel excited with a sudden burst of energy. The sound crew hands me the microphone. I know that it is time for “Scranton’s Got Talent” to begin. Dressed in a collared sky blue shirt accented with a checkered red tie, I hear the countdown from ten, and the camera starts to roll.

This is my first time as a host at the Royal Television Network. I am not nervous. Instead, I am totally confident with the microphone in my hand. It feels like I have done this so many times before. In the past, I have worked only on sound effects and graphics. Usually, I am the one tagging along to all of the special events as a cameraman. This time I am covering the news!

On November 23, I was featured in an article posted on Her Campus Scranton which is a student-run online magazine on college campuses across the country. Dania El- Ghazal, a writer for Her Campus Scranton, chose to interview me for a feature article because of my contributions to the University of Scranton’s newspaper, The Aquinas.

Dania told me that she loves my enthusiasm and dedication to the field of entertainment. She was also interested in my involvement with the WUSR campus radio club, the Royal Television Network and my participation in the University Liturgy Choir. This is the closest I have ever been to a “celebrity.” All right, maybe famous is a stretch, but some University students have read the article and now know who I am.

My Facebook and Twitter started blowing up with positive remarks immediately! This is awesome because people around me now have a better idea of who I truly am. The whole college experience is not only about classes, studying and partying, but it is also about learning who you are. I want to continue encouraging my peers to join in on campus events. At the interview, the microphone helps me tell my story.

In the summer months when I am not involved in college events, the microphone follows me back home to New Jersey where I am a disc jockey. I perform at every type of party you could imagine. Trust me. I have seen it all! I work at Arbitron rated South Asian radio station of New Jersey 1170 AM, 97.1 FM HD. I am excited to have just learned that the radio station is now affiliated with FM radio. This means that my microphone and I will be heard nationwide.

I am also a member of Indian Foundation Metropolitan Princeton, also known as IFMP. This is an organization in my community that promotes core Indian values through the arts and recreational events. We organize different events to bring together different cultures across the West Windsor Plainsboro, New Jersey community.   We travel across New Jersey to different nursing homes to perform for the elderly to help lift their spirits. As part of the group, I am responsible for bringing joy to the audience. These organizations give me the opportunity to share something that I love. When the audience sees me holding the microphone, their eyes seem almost transfixed.

In the future, I will continue to use the microphone to have my voice heard through multiple platforms. Whether people are hearing my voice over the radio station, seeing my face on the television, or reading something I have written in a magazine, I will rely on my voice to deliver my message. Even if I am not physically using a microphone, I am still amplifying my voice for anyone willing to listen to what I have to say. Just as Robin helped Batman conquer evil, my microphone will help me take on and conquer the world!

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