Student reflects on journalism conference

Published: December 11, 2015

Updated: December 12, 2015

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I attended a Society of Professional Journalists event in Boston last weekend. The event was a journalism boot camp. The organization brought in speakers and presentations that were relevant to journalists.

It was my first time going to an SPJ event. It was a really interesting experience being surrounded by peers who all had similar aspirations as I did. We all shared one thing and it was the passion for journalism. It was absolutely something I would do again. Me and two other Aquinas editors enjoyed the event thoroughly.

The experience got me thinking. While I had a vague idea about what the SPJ did and was, I could not say I knew for sure.

To help me fully understand what the SPJ stands and strives for, I spoke with Pat Trosky.

Trosky is the president of the Keystone Chapter of the SPJ. She believes the SPJ is an important resource for journalists.

“The organization set up a code of ethics. They are a foundation to help journalists everywhere,” Trosky said.

Trosky believes there are more benefits than just a code of ethics, however. She thinks to be successful in the field; a journalist must always continue to learn.

“The ones that survive are the ones who learn the stuff SPJ is teaching. You need to be able to do everything,” Trosky said. “If you’re not constantly adapting, you should pick a new career.”

As the president of the Keystone SPJ chapter and a journalism teacher, she encourages young journalists to use the resources the organization can provide.

“This new wave of college-aged kids are looking to anchor to something with the integrity and professionalism of SPJ,” Trosky said.

Trosky not only endorses the SPJ and the resources they provide to her students and current-working journalists. She herself worked as a journalist and learned valuable skills from the organization.

“I’ve learned so much from the SPJ. I can’t not be a part it,” Trosky said

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  1. Jane Kirby Reply

    January 20, 2016 at 2:05 pm

    “Me and two other Aquinas editors enjoyed the event thoroughly”

    This sentence makes my head hurt.

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