Student frustrated with reserved space for finals week

Published: December 11, 2015


Forum Editor

Finals week is not anyone’s favorite time of year, but it is only made worse by the inundation of students to the library and worse yet by people who reserve seats for hours and days on end.

Any student will tell you that finding a place to study on campus during finals week is essentially Scranton’s rendition of the “Hunger Games.” Every available inch of campus is camped out in, worse than Zucotti Park during Occupy Wall Street.  Finals week is the week where the library sees faces that haven’t ventured much around campus other than to class and the DeNaples Center. And worst of all, people reserve entire sections of the library by leaving their belongings where they were sitting, while they leave the library for hours at a time.

It’s a major problem. There is already not enough space in the library to accommodate the entire student body to begin with, and to make the already-present shortage more impactful, there are tables, desks and entire rooms left empty for hours on end while some students go home and nap or go sit down and eat lunch/dinner. The Jesuit mantra of “be men and women for others,” something hurled around as a catch phrase on campus, is entirely disregarded during finals week. The survival of the fittest reigns supreme.

I am not calling for students to move from their spot in the library, just to be considerate. If you know that you are planning on spending finals week in the library, bring food, drinks and snacks to the library. Don’t leave your stuff as you and your friends go up to third-floor DeNaples to have an hour-long meal. You are hogging a seat that another student could be using. I am just pleading for the student body to be more mindful of its actions and to allow the library to be more efficient.

Walking into the library and looking for a place to sit should not be a real-life rendition of “Where’s Waldo.” It should not be an experience so deplorable that people essentially deem it an impossibility. Tables and cubicles should not be reserved and passed down from friend to friend as if it is a familial home being passed down throughout the generations. Most of all, tables should not be vacant, save a student’s belongings as a marker of their territory.

I wish the best of luck to the student body with finals week, and I hope that those of you that my concerns address are more considerate to your peers.

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