Movie review: ‘How to be Single’

Published: February 25, 2016

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Gather your girlfriends and get ready to watch the new romantic comedy “How to Be Single”…but wait until it’s on Netflix. This movie is not worth the $10, but is more of a late night Netflix session.

This classic rom-com advertised the funniest moments in the previews, giving viewers high hopes for this average film.

In the movie, we follow Alice as she moves into New York City for a new job, fresh after she dumps her college boyfriend for a chance to enjoy the bachelorette life. At her new job, Alice meets Robin, otherwise known as the famous funny girl Rebel Wilson. Besides the sparingly comedic moments with Wilson, the movie lacks real humor or even a plot.

Although Alice and Robin are main characters in the film, they are not the only ones. The film also follows the love lives of Meg, Alice’s sister who has hopes of having a child by herself, and Lucy, a young woman looking for a connection over online dating sites. Although each single lady certainly has laughable moments (or seconds), the lack of a plot brings the comedy to a standstill.

For those who have seen movies such as “New Year’s Eve” where the storyline follows many individuals and their separate stories, “How to Be Single” aims to copy this concept but fails to make it all come together.

Although this movie was a comedic bust, it’s worth the late-night-watch when nothing else is on just to see Rebel Wilson be Rebel Wilson.

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