Wrestling team seeks postseason success

Published: February 25, 2016

Sports Editor

The University’s wrestling team’s regular season is winding down, as the team prepares itself for the NCAA East Regionals, which take place Feb. 28 at Lycoming College in Williamsport.

The team has put together an even 9-9 record thus far. The Royals started the season on a high note, winning back-to-back matches with a combined score of 84-18 against Rowan University and Penn Tech, respectively.

The Royals have been trying to gain momentum as the postseason approaches, and the team knows it has to stay focused.

Wrestling is unique in the sense that while the team finishes with a cumulative score, the wrestlers compete in one-on-one matches depending on the varying weight classes.

Sophomore Brandon Davis said the team has been doing everything it can to prepare for the postseason.

“For the past week, we’ve been training hard and making sure we’re ready for the postseason. We’ve been doing a lot of live wrestling, trying to simulate what it’s like to be in a real match,” Davis said.

By preparing for real-match situations, the team has been trying to improve its conditioning.

“Our conditioning is something we knew we had to improve. That’s not necessarily to say we had bad conditioning before, but it can always be better. You can never be over conditioned,” Davis said. “Wrestling seven minutes is very tough, and in wrestling it’s usually the better conditioned wrestler who wins.”

Getting prepared for matches with increased magnitude from a physical standpoint is one thing, but getting ready from a mental perspective is something entirely different.

Mental preparation in any sport is imperative. In a sport when two competitors are battling one-on-one, having the right attitude is certainly a big thing.

Davis continued to say that giving every match 100 percent is a key that cannot be overlooked. If a wrestler’s conditioning fails them, they will oftentimes lose. The Royals will look to find success during the postseason.

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