Professors revamp MBA program

Updated: April 6, 2016

Published: March 10, 2016

aquinas photo / rob cleary Professor Jack Strain presents information about The University’s MBA program Tuesday in LSC.

AQUINAS PHOTO / ROB CLEARY / PROFESSOR Jack Strain presents information about The University’s MBA program Tuesday in LSC.

Campus Liaison

The University’s Professor Jack Strain presented information about the CAS combined MBA five-year program Tuesday.

Strain introduced Robyn Lawrence, Ph.D., CMA, who in the fall, brought him up to speed on a five-year MBA program. Christina Whitney, director of career development, and Kaitlyn Hollingshead, director of graduate & international admissions, were also in attendance to help answer questions for potential graduate students in a Q & A session that followed the presentation.

“First and foremost, I’m a believer in this program,” Strain said to start the presentation. He then went on to explain that this five-year program is a remarkable deal and will allow students to become more marketable in their field by giving them the skills and confidence needed in the outside world.

In an interview, Lawrence explained students’ interest that led to the creation of the program.

“(It) starts with the students. Students (came) to us and (said), ‘This would be a really nice combination,’” Lawrence said. “And we started accelerated programs for the various majors in KSOM, so there was no reason not to extend that to other parts of the campus.”

Strain stepped in to help deconstruct the program so that it was possible for CAS students to finish in five years. Twelve of the 48 credits for the MBA would be added into the undergraduate prerequisite courses, and the other 36 credits would be added to graduate courses.

One student was unaware of the program’s advantages.

“I’m surprised (the communication department) only sent out an email and told us about the five-year program in our junior year. After watching this presentation, I am more inclined to look into it, but money and time are huge issues. The program looks substantial, and I trust Professor Strain with what he presented,” junior Robert Bauer said after the presentation.

When asked why it took so long for CAS and KSOM to inform the students of this opportunity, Strain replied, “There is no one easy answer. Ultimately, any type of endeavor like this needs to have a point person, which is where I came in. I can’t speak for why it didn’t work in the past, but I’m committed to make this happen.”

The presentation ended with a Q & A session to clarify and address any of the questions students may have had.

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