GM to Aquire automative car company Cruise

Published: March 24, 2016


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Cruise Automation has spent the last three years developing groundbreaking technology to help cars function without human error. Founded in 2013 by Kyle Vogt Cruise, the company’s goal is to reduce the amount of human interaction while driving a car.

Recently General Motors announced that they plan to acquire Cruise. This is following their hopes that they can find new ways to compete with other car manufacturers and other technology companies who have driven into the spotlight due to their automotive prowess. Google’s project X and Apple have both announced that they are developing a new car system that will operate with only the smallest amount of human interaction.

GM has also started a partnership with the ride sharing program Lyft. This company is very similar to Uber but has failed reach the level of success that Uber has. They hope to be able to apply the advancements from Cruise into a fleet of Lyft cars.

While GM works to come to a final deal with Cruise, other car manufacturers are also looking to expand into this new area by partnering up or acquiring other similar companies. Every major car manufacturer has had to adapt to this new system. Toyota has disclosed that they are hiring an entire robotics company in the hopes that this will give them an edge up on the competition.

One of the biggest problems that all these companies have yet to address is government interference. The federal government will need to address this issue sooner rather than later. This means that all the time and money spent developing the new automobiles could be wasted unless auto manufacturers can get a positive outlook from the federal government.

To combat this, companies have started to reach out to state governments to show them the benefits of this new system. They believe that the only way to get this new type of car to succeed is to have the state governments back it up. One example is a car already in existence that is completely autonomous. It relies heavily on cameras and computer programs to operate. It has operated without fault on public roads. The only accidents involving this type of car are all due to human error where the person who hit the car was not paying full attention the their surroundings.

Whether or not this new investment by GM and other similar investments by its competitors will pay off is still unknown. It is for certain that this new technology, that once seemed impossible, is only a few years away from being a common occurrence.

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