Love at first sight, colloquialism or truth?

Published: April 7, 2016

Photo courtesy of wikimedia commons USED OFTEN enough to become accepted as a colloquialism, it is often wondered if there is any truth to the concept of falling in love at first sight.

PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / USED OFTEN enough to become accepted as a colloquialism, it is often wondered if there is any truth to the concept of falling in love at first sight.

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Does love at first sight really exist?

We grow up learning that love is a human emotion that we feel. We also learn that we will find a soul mate who we will love. But what exactly is love? We know that it is a feeling we have when we experience affection and pleasure. For example, people love eating chocolate, love their parents, love going skiing and love their significant other.

It is basically the way we feel or make people feel. Now, imagine walking into a Starbucks and the first thing you do as you walk in is look up and see someone you find really attractive.

Both of you look at each other and lock into each other’s eyes.

Is that specific instant called love at first sight?

Let’s say you both begin to talk and you find out that you guys have common interests and like the same things.

Let’s say you both are really interested in finding out more about each other and exchanged numbers and planned to hang out.

The first hang out turns into many other dates, hanging out and seeing each other consistently.

You both now start feeling that you love each other and are head over heels over each other.

Both of you do not know what you would do without each other and get engaged and married.

Was your relationship really love at first sight?

When “loving” someone, you need to like his or her physical features, but most importantly, his or her personality.

Let us say that the only reason why you ever even spoke to each other is because you found each other attractive.

For example, if you take the person you met at Starbucks with the same common interest and personality but they looked completely different.

They look the opposite but they are the same exact person you “fell in love” with, you probably would not have talked to them at all.

Personally I do not believe in love at first sight and do not think it exists. I think it is mainly physical attraction.

A person could potentially be your special person, your future partner, but if you do not find them attractive there will never be love between you both.

I believe that a relationship starts off with physical attraction and from that we find out if we actually do like them more than just their looks.

Many people will argue that they have been married for a long time and that they have been high school sweethearts.

It is great that they met each other in high school but if they did not find each other attractive when they saw each other they would not be married right now.

Most people physically judge a person when first seeing them.

If you do not find a person physically attractive then you will have no interest in getting to know them.

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