Woodruff attends Final Four in Indianapolis

Published: April 7, 2016

Staff Writer

Head Women’s Basketball Coach Trevor Woodruff did not watch the Women’s NCAA Final Four from home. Instead, he travelled to Indianapolis – which held the championship for all three divisions – for an annual convention held by the Women’s Basketball Coaches Association.

Every year the meeting is held at the site of the Final Four. Coaches from Division I, II and III schools discuss rules, express coaching philosophies, listen to keynote speakers and introduce themselves and their programs.

Rule changes are developed every two years. Therefore, a lot of talk examined adjustments implemented during this past season, including the shift from two halves to four quarters.

This was Woodruff’s first year attending the women’s coaches convention since switching from men’s basketball last year to women’s basketball this year. He noticed that coaches were willing to talk about their methods and share personal insight of the game, which was less apparent among men’s basketball coaches.

“I think as a coach it’s important to learn. Once you feel like you know it all, you’re probably in big trouble,” Woodruff said. “I look for little things like language and terminology… if you try to take everything you hear and put it in, you probably won’t have success. It’s just a matter of tweaking the things that you already do well.”

Athletic Director Dave Martin was thrilled with the success that Woodruff and the team had this year. He believes the convention is a great venue.

“There is a lot of professional development involved…there are X and O sessions put on by Division I head coaches. It’s really an opportunity to learn and grow as well as an opportunity to network with other coaches across the country.”

Assistant coach Meghan Nowak, who joined the staff after playing her senior year at Eastern University, enjoys working alongside Woodruff. She praised his ability to take over the team despite being named head coach on Aug. 27.

“Going from (coaching) men to women, he did a great job and he didn’t really struggle with that boundary, and I know that’s something people tend to think that it’s going to be a lot harder than it is,” Nowak said.

“He always preached about going [1-0] twenty five times during the regular season.”

Even though Woodruff is a new member of the WBCN, a lot people congratulated him on the Lady Royals’ undefeated season and deep playoff run.

“I really enjoyed representing Scranton at the Final Four. One of the most notable things is how recognizable Scranton is to the rest of the country… it is very well-respected,” Woodruff said.

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