82 Days Later: Student admires Scranton spring

Published: April 21, 2016

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Sometimes, I get invaded by this romantic feeling of wanting to disappear, run away and forget about all the expectations and pre-established paths there are for us to follow.

It’s like a wild desire that takes over you and makes you want to embrace all the possible implications of the word freedom.

That’s exactly how I felt this morning while running at Scranton´s town square.

This feeling was the product of a beautifully clear sky and a warm morning. Time to put my jacket away because spring is finally here!

Spring talk reminds me of adventure Saturday! Since spring is here and I didn’t have proper attire for these lovely, warm days, I decided to visit the Viewmont Mall with my boyfriend.

He used the trip to repair his glasses and I found nice blouses. However, there were 40 minutes ahead of us and we decided to get a drink at Applebee´s.

Despite the fact that I´m almost 22 (yes, my birthday is in two weeks!) I could not get anything but a Shirley Temple because Mexican IDs don’t have a birthdate. Way to go, Mexico! Oh, well… next time I might as well bring my passport.

But yeah, spring! I´m so excited to see the campus looking so much livelier and I love to see people hanging around on the lawn and playing with flying discs. I truly am looking forward to sitting outside at one of the tables and enjoying the warmth of the environment. For now, all the computer work I have got to focus on makes me stay inside but, the view is still very nice.

I really, really, really would not mind having a beach nearby, or something, but that´s what summer´s for, right? Let´s just go one step at a time, for now I will be very happy with these sunny days that require no jacket and that should definitely make me spend more time outside.

This should hopefully bring more adventure, which I will undoubtedly write about. Scranton Royals, I wish you all a lovely weekend!

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