Avid runner reflects on running’s role in his life

Published: April 21, 2016

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Working the Scranton Half Marathon on April 10 brought back some important times in my life.

I have been an avid runner and active member in the running community for over 40 years.

Reflecting on the sport of running and how it inspires is the reason why I made a commitment to the sport and to the community.

As the evidence states, running has been a major part of my life. Knowing how to understand the sport, I made the changes during the stages of growing up, during groups, training people or as a single runner. Sometimes on a long-run or solo run has been the most trying.

With my training, I have to be aware of the time and truly stay inspired by the family and friends who have encouraged me to run. I always knew running was time consuming. The respect for the sport coincides with the inspiration.

What inspires me to run are people who cannot, due to illnesses or disabilities. Having completed seven full marathons and four half marathons, in memory of my mother and father has also inspired me.

The long distances are the most extensive part. I have noticed that if I were to change shoes I would definitely need to adjust my mindset.

My overall performances for running have included seven full marathons and a few half marathons. I know that trying to go so far is an accomplishment. I have to be aware of the area when I am out running in the community. Running has always helped me to remain focused on the thought of how it continually inspires me. Along with running there were my jobs over the last 33 years that have also helped with the inspiration of running.

I ran my first half-marathon in the spring of 1994. I do not even remember how fast I ran. I then applied for the 19th annual Marine Corps Marathon in October.

The first marathon that I completed was the Marine Corps Marathon in Quantico Virginia on October 23, 1994. The official time was 4:28:59.

There is a quite a bit of inspiration in running and knowing that I am a cancer survivor. The symbolism between the inspiration, running and still remaining cancer-free is that I have led a good life.

If I can always inspire myself in running, there are plenty of things to keep. Getting back to the half marathon from this year,

I noticed that the inspiration was marked all over my face as I led the volunteers to stay organized at the finish line.

Could it be any different as an inspiring runner? No, I wouldn’t want anything to change, only just to keep going. “Running is expensive and the cost of inspiration is earned.”

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  1. Datlene Pierce Reply

    April 22, 2016 at 4:44 pm

    You’re an inspiration John. God bless you and keep on running!

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