Fourth Day provides senior with perfect last retreat

Published: May 5, 2016

Submitted photo: Daniel Nedbal / A GROUP of students gather by Chapman Lake for the ninth Fourth Day retreat hosted by Campus Ministries Friday through Sunday.

SUBMITTED PHOTO / DANIEL NEDBAL / A GROUP of students gather by Chapman Lake for the ninth Fourth Day retreat hosted by Campus Ministries Friday through Sunday.

Staff Writer

Doubt the first. Cry the second. Trust the third. Live the Fourth. These four directions are from the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius Loyola.

What is Fourth Day? That question cannot be answered in a single sentence, paragraph or news article. Instead, I can say what it means to me personally and how “living the fourth” this past weekend has filled my heart with self-worth, agape and a new set of memories that I carry around my neck.

“Living the fourth” is a concept spoken about among retreat-crazed students (such as myself) who surely have endlessly encouraged their friends to spend weekends at Chapman Lake.

I have been on 11 retreats but was unsure of expectations regarding Fourth Day. I decided to sign up after Kim Wheeler, who was in my Search 75 small group, said she was a team leader.

Fourth Day came at just the right time. Now, I head into graduation a much stronger person with the same heart I had since my first year, but with more experiences to fill it. “Living the fourth” means being enthusiastic each and every day, being authentic (no matter how awkward, weird or unsure you might be of yourself) and speaking out to anyone or against anything that bothers you.

I would not trade any of the moments I had at Chapman Lake for the world. The people that I’ve met there have impacted my life more than they realize, making me self-aware and confident. “Living the fourth” is to make every day count by being 100% authentic.

While Search and Manresa are other emotional retreats, Fourth Day was the most powerful. All three are incredibly organized and empowering. For a couple students, Fourth Day marked their first visit to Chapman Lake. It was amazing to see them be willing to break down their walls and be vulnerable.

If you have not already found yourself nor love yourself, understand you are perfect when you are being yourself. I hope you “live the fourth,” which can only be possible when you love and forgive yourself completely.

The concept of “living the fourth” hinges on the way you carry yourself. Until Search, Manresa and Fourth Day, I did not see the effects I had on people, specifically positive effects.

While the community of campus is supportive, everything and everyone involved on the Fourth Day retreat has truly helped me as I grow during my twenties. There is nothing like seeing each other as we truly are and nothing that I would change about myself. Thank you to Fourth Day.

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