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Published: May 5, 2016

PRISM leaders pass the batton

 photos courtesy of wikimedia commons Currently the majority of the holdings of PRISM are American countries traded on the NASDAQ.

PHOTO COURTESY OF WIKIMEDIA COMMONS / CURRENTLY the majority of the holdings of PRISM are American countries traded on the NASDAQ.

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As of Wednesday the leadership of the student run investment fund PRISM has changed. Former senior portfolio managers, who will all be graduating, Jimmy Jencarelli, Rob DiBella and Alex Hoffmann are passing the baton on to, now juniors, Jordan Den Herder, Daron Murphy and Mike Hanifin. The three newly appointed portfolio managers are all long time members.

Daron Murphy, the first female portfolio manager in the club’s history, is the former chief economist. She is set to move into the position of chief macro economist and will oversee the incoming chief economist or team of economists. Well known for putting together cohesive macro-economic pitches, Murphy helped to educate all the members on important developments in world economic developments. Murphy is excited to diversify the club and get more female membership and leadership. As far as the portfolio itself she wants to diversify the holdings.

Jordan Den Herder, former head of the tech and telecom sector, plans to assume the role of educator and leader of general meetings. Den Herder is known for his unique personality and ability to explain complex processes in simple terms. Being from the tech sector, Den Herder is interested in adding lesser known companies with high growth potentials. He wants diversification in terms of company size as well as industries. Den Herder said, “We want to move in to the fixed income sector big time.” He wants to capitalize on the opportunities being put forth by the interesting world economy.

Mike Hanifin, former head of the consumer goods sector, will assume the role of stock pitch analyzer and educator. Hanifin is widely known for his ability to put together great stock pitches. He hopes to share his extensive knowledge of creating pitches with new and existing members alike. Hanifin hopes to boost membership numbers even higher than they have already grown over the past few semesters, but his main goal is to give those new members the skills to be active so that they can participate rather than just sit in the back quietly.

The plans to diversify the portfolio, and attract new members seems to be the general undertone for the direction of the portfolio and club. Members are excited to see where the club and markets are going.

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