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Published: May 5, 2016


AQUINAS PHOTO / CATHERINE BOMBARD / BLEECKER STREET’s devoted worker Gae Roedel poses in front of a painting at the first floor LSC restaurant. In her four years at Bleecker Street, Gae’s smile and positive attitude have brightened the days of University students and staff.

AQUINAS PHOTO / CATHERINE BOMBARD / BLEECKER STREET’S devoted worker Gae Roedel poses in front of a painting at the first floor LSC restaurant. In her four years at Bleecker Street, Gae’s smile and positive attitude have brightened the days of University students and staff.

When your craving pulls you to the University’s one and only Bleecker Street, it is a guarantee that your sandwich will be delicately crafted in the hands of one the most selfless, caring and honest individuals on this campus.

Scranton native Gae Roedel has worked at the notable Bleecker Street in LSC, ever since its opening four years ago. She is the second member of her family to work at The University, following in the footsteps of her mother whom she is even named after.

“It’s a very nice school. My mother worked here and it was only one little building in a basement,” Roedel said.

Roedel says she absolutely loves her job at The University. The staff and students have been a pleasure to work with and she truly enjoys getting to know all the people in the school community.

“They’re all sweethearts, all great, polite,” Roedel said. “Can’t say I’ve ever really had a bad experience, for the four years I’ve been here.”

Sophomore Courtney Sobotka is one of the many students who have been fortunate enough to establish a relationship with Gae.

“I used to go there all the time and she always knew my name and order,” Sobotka said. “She could always brighten my day.”

This unbelievable, unique, and approachable worker grew up with four siblings, fostering her love for family at a young age. She now has four children of her own, Winter, Willie, Francis and Vince, along with twelve grandchildren. If there is one topic you can always catch Roedel talking about, it is her family.

“I brag about my family so much,” she said. “I didn’t think it was going to be this big at first, but it’s awesome. Literally awesome. When you look at them when you’re at a gathering, you think oh my gosh these are all mine. They’re all mine,” she said.

Roedel would not trade her family for anything. They are always on her mind and when asked what she likes to do her in free time, she could not help but bring the conversation back to her family.

When asked what her favorite thing to do in Scranton was, without hesitation, she said she loves spending time with her family and occasionally going to the bar with her friends and daughters.

Having such a big family tends raise some questions for Roedel’s friends. They are all impressed at how she handles gatherings and the holidays.

“Holidays are crazy but I love them. I love having a big family. People ask that like how are the holidays and it’s tough but I’m smart and I know how to save,” Roedel said.

Despite the size of her family, the loving mother and grandmother makes sure to maintain a close relationship with each and every one of her children. She embraces and adores their individuality.

“They’re all different,” Roedel said. “I explained to them you’re all different, they all have different qualities.”

Although all her children are different, one of Roedel’s favorite family pastimes is playing softball. Every year, the entire family comes together to play a game or two in East Scranton.

With all this talk of family, Roedel could not help but mention her endless love for her dog and cats. Like most pet owners, she sees these animals as a part of the family.

The University is so grateful for Gae Roedel’s prescence on campus. She touches the lives of every student, teacher, co-worker and acquintance she meets.

So whether you are grabbing lunch at Bleecker Street or merely passing through, be sure to stop in and say hi to this wonderful, perpetually smiling human being.

All of Roedel’s life is surrounded by the love and comfort of other individuals. She proves day in and day out that sometimes just being alongside other individuals can have a significant impact on the outcome of your day.

Considering the weekly forecast predicts rain, when the skies are grey, look for Gae, because she is bound to brighten your day!

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