Terry Rothstein serves University 20 years

Published: May 5, 2016

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aquinas photo / emma black TERRY ROTHSTEIN takes a break from making breakfast sandwiches on first floor DeNaples.

AQUINAS PHOTO / EMMA BLACK / TERRY ROTHSTEIN takes a break from making breakfast sandwiches on first floor DeNaples.

Terry Rothstein, the man who is always making mornings a little better with a nice, warm breakfast sandwich, is celebrating his 20th anniversary here at The University.

Since birth, Rothstein has been considered a local to the area. He grew up in towns near Scranton, but now can call Scranton ‘home’.

Over the years, he has had many memories, but his favorite so far has been following the Lady Royals basketball team through all of their seasons.

“I have been following the Lady Royals ever since I got here, they are a fantastic group of girls” Rothstein said.

Rothstein has made countless connections with students during his 20 years, but loves to be reminded of the students that have graduated when they come back and visit him.

“It is always nice to see the kids who have graduated stop by and say hi when they are back on campus.” Rothstien said.

Elaine O’Anniell, a cashier on first floor DeNaples, and another 20th year employee, frequently jokes with Rothstein about starting at The University’s DeNaples Center just two weeks before him.

“He is always working, he works very hard and comes in early to prepare for the day” O’Anniell said.

Jason Laitner, a first-year student, says he gets a breakfast sandwich every Monday and Wednesday before his class 11:00 A.M. class,.

“I would get a breakfast sandwich every day on my way to high school,” Laitner said, “I am just trying to keep my routine going”

Laitner also remarked on Rothstein’s efficiency, noting that he has always gotten his order right.

Kelly Linsenmeyer, a first year student, accompanying Laitner, agreed that Rothstein is efficient while cooking for a long line of hungry students.

“10:30 is one of his busiest times; he always manages to keep the grill under control.” Linsenmeyer said.

Linsenmeyer and Laitner are very big fans of Rothstein’s work and can both say that Rothstein’s work is the closet thing they can get in DeNaples to the food at home.

Linsenmeyer worked as a cashier at a deli in Fairfield, Connecticut for her last two years of high school and claims she understands the hard work that goes into the food business.

“People tend to get very cranky in the morning while waiting for a breakfast sandwich,” Linsenmeyer said “I give Terry a lot of credit because stressed out college students are not the easiest people to deal with.”

Linsenmeyer also noted that people tend to get picky with what they want on their sandwich. While this could be frustrating, she said, “Rothstein definitely knows how to work under pressure.”

Michael Wheeler, a junior at The University, is on the same page as Laitner and Linsenmeyer. Wheeler is a self- proclaimed “breakfast sandwich enthusiast” and can always count of Rothstein for a filling breakfast sandwich.

“I get double everything. Double egg, double bacon, double cheese and Terry always knows how to make it taste delicious every time,” Wheeler said.

Going into his senior year, Wheeler said one of the things he will miss the most about The University will be breakfast sandwiches made by Rothstein.

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