Women’s lacrosse team wins in playoffs, men’s team loses

Published: May 5, 2016

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Playoffs were underway Wednesday for both The University’s men’s and women’s lacrosse teams, as both teams played in the Landmark Conference semifinals.

The women’s team beat Susquehanna University 20-10, while the men’s team lost to Elizabethtown College 11-4.

Both the men’s and women’s teams completed impressive regular seasons, finishing with records of 11-5 and 10-6, respectively.

While playoff time has arrived in the world of lacrosse, the Royals have continued to work their hardest and attempt to perfect their game play.

Going into Wednesday’s game, senior midfielder on the men’s team, Brad Elkin said that if the Royals stay confident in the way they play, they will see success during the playoffs.

“We have had a lot of success this season, but we are looking to turn it up for our first game against Elizabethtown on Wednesday. All of the guys believe that we have what it takes to make it to the championship and win, but it can only be determined by how we come to play each and every day,” Elkin said.

Senior midfielder on the women’s team, Fiona Keelan also felt confident that the Royals will find success in the playoffs if they stay focused on their goal.

“To transition from the regular season momentum into the playoffs we are going ensure that we are focused on the goal of winning the conference. Since we’re playing teams that we have seen in the regular season, we already know what to expect and what we need to take from the first experience into the next game to make us successful,” Keelan said.

The men’s and women’s teams both made strong appearances within the Landmark Conference this year, finishing with records of 3-3 and 4-2 against conference teams. This allows the Royals to better gauge what their competition come playoff time.

Both Elkin and Keelan agreed, however, that both teams need to improve in certain areas as the playoffs continue.

“We need to improve upon keeping a focused mindset and remember that we can do this and that this is our chance to be successful,” Keelan said.

Elkin also described what he feels are essential improvements the men must make in order to be successful.

“Right now is about tightening up our offense, defense and everything in between to make sure we are playing at our best level so far this season. As long as everyone stays motivated and gives it their all on every play, that is all we ask for,” Elkin said.

The two teams also agreed on what it would mean for them to be successful in the playoffs.

As a senior, Keelan reflected on how success during playoff season would make her college career even better.

“For the team to be successful in the playoffs it would be a great way for me to wrap up my senior year. We have worked very hard this season, and leaving on a high note would help to make the experience of being a college athlete that much more memorable,” Keelan said.

Elkin agreed that few other moments could top being successful in the playoffs.

“Being successful and winning a championship would bring our team closer together and motivate us to achieve something as a family. Holding up a Landmark Conference championship trophy is something that many of our players have dreamed of throughout our years here at the University of Scranton. It would be an amazing accomplishment to hold up that trophy with my brothers and show that our hard work has paid off,” Elkin said.

The men’s team will look to improve on their successes this year, by putting the hard work in during the offseason.

Despite the unfortunate end to the year, the Royals still put together an impressive season.

For the women’s team, they advance to the Landmark Conference Finals and will play at Catholic University Saturday at 1 p.m.

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