Late-night musician plays on campus

Richard Endico
News Corespondent
Performance Music at The University hosted Eddie Barbash with strings Saturday. Barbash is the alto saxophone player of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert’s house band “Stay Human” and “The Amigos Band.” His strings consisted of Alex Hargreaves, violin; Jake Jolliff, mandolin; Jeff Picker, bass; and Clarks Green native Roy Williams, guitar.
The performance was hosted at the Houlihan-McLean Center and the seats were filled with music fans of all ages. Barbash’s American-roots sound paired with an accompaniment of strings created a unique voice that resonated throughout the hall. After every solo taken, the audience applauded, waiting anxiously for the next member of the group to take one.
At one point in the performance, the group went in harmony and sang the rest of the tune, which excited listeners. Performing at the Houlihan-McLean Center a few times already, Barbash is no stranger to Scranton. He has performed with The University Jazz Band twice in the past few years. Many members of the jazz band were in attendance to see the performance and see Barbash after the concert to catch up a bit.
Sophomore Jack Sweeney reflected on his experience performing with Barbash.
“Being a part of the jazz band and playing with Eddie before, we knew the kind of style he liked to play. With the addition of the strings, it really integrated the instruments and sounded great,” Sweeney said.
Hosting a talented musician who is on television every night is an exciting event for The University, and all who attended did not seem disappointed.

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