Early season Super Bowl LI Predictions

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Christian McVeigh

The NFL season is now entering week three, and things are starting to heat up. There is a lot of time before the playoffs start, and a lot of things can happen before then, but it is never too early for some post-season predictions.

NFC East

Regularly one of the most competitive divisions in football, this could shake out a million different ways, but the Giants have the highest chance to be on top. They are 2-0, along with the Eagles, but already have a division win under their belt and a quarterback who knows how to play late in the season. The Cowboys aren’t going anywhere without Romo.

NFC North
The Packers just lost to Minnesota, but I do not think anyone in Green Bay is worried. The perennial playoff threat is always poised to make a Super Bowl run, and they will have another chance this year when they beat out the Vikings for the division crown. With the new Peterson injury and Bridgewater out for the year, Minnesota does not stand a chance, along with Detroit and Chicago.

NFC South

Another highly competitive division, the NFC South is going to be a fight, with the Panthers coming out on top. In a division of elite offenses, they are the only ones with an elite defense to match.

NFC West

The Rams and 49ers are in full rebuilding mode, making them irrelevant in what was the best division in football a few years ago. The Seahawks, on the other hand, are still looking to put a second ring on their fingers.
They will have a chance when they get a wildcard spot in the playoffs, but the Cardinals will take the division.
I think that veteran leadership will guide them past the young Panthers in the NFC Championship, taking them to the Super Bowl.

AFC East

Are you even reading this? We all know who is going to win this division. With or without Tom Brady, the Patriots are easily the best team in this division and possibly the whole conference. Brady is coming back with a vengeance and I do not think anyone can stop him from getting to the AFC Championship. Jets fans can hold out hope for a wildcard, but that is about it.

AFC North

Somehow, the Ravens are 2-0, along with the Steelers, but do not expect that to last. The Steelers, on paper, are the best team in the NFL. The only reason I don’t consider them a lock to make it to the Super Bowl is because of a man named Bill Belichick. If he can perform a miracle and make a game plan to stop Antonio Brown, the Patriots have a chance, but that is doubtful. I think the Steelers will squeeze past the Patriots in the AFC Championship and beat the Cardinals in a Super Bowl 43 rematch.

AFC South

This division is very interesting. The Colts are 0-2, but as long as they have Andrew Luck they have a chance. The Texans, on the other hand, seem to have gotten better overnight. They have a great defense and a very balanced offense focused around an elite receiver in Deandre Hopkins. Expect the Texans to win the division in a landslide if Luck doesn’t turn the Colts around.

AFC West

The reigning Super Bowl champion Broncos currently hold a one game lead in the division, but that could disappear at any time. The Raiders are quickly putting the pieces together and the Chargers and Chiefs are regularly on the verge of making the playoffs.

However, I think Oakland needs a couple more years to really make a run and San Diego and Kansas City will stay on the outside looking in. Denver will win the division.
If these predictions are anywhere close to correct, we have a very fun season to look forward to.

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