Fashion Column: Fall looks

Commentary by
Laura Riemer

Every season brings upon change. As we move from summer to fall, you can see the leaves turning, the weather becoming chillier, Starbucks bringing out their signature fall drinks and clothing styles shifting.

If you are familiar with fashion, it is very easy to distinguish between a trend and a staple. A trend often draws inspiration from runway shows and the season. A staple is an item good for all of the time. Fall officially begins Sept. 22, so here are six fall fashion items that are both staples and trendy. Each item listed includes a good place to find the item as well as a budget friendly place to find it!

1. Denim front button skirt: This skirt is perfect because it can be dressed up or down. Its simplicity and versatility is what is so appealing about it. Where to buy: Urban Outfitters ($59) or Forever 21 (approx. $15)

2. Over-the-knee boots: These boots are a new take on the typical riding boot that comes just under the knee, which is very popular for fall. They look great with skirts or dresses for a night out or even with jeans and a sweater for a laid- back look. Where to buy: Stuart Weitzman ($798) or Target (approx. $40)

3. Trenchcoat: This Blair Waldorf approved coat (for all the Gossip Girl fans) is a must have for fall! It is typically a caramel color with buttons down the front, but can come in a variety of colors. A trenchcoat is great, because it can make any outfit look more put together and professional. Where to buy: J. Crew ($298) or Forever 21 (approx. $43)

4. Adidas Superstars: These sneakers have recently become very in. Right now Adidas is selling them for $80 as well as Macy’s, Foot Locker, Dick’s Sporting Goods and so on. Since this is a brand-specific sneaker, the price does not vary from store to store, but they do come in black or white.

5. Off-the-shoulder shirt: Sandy, from “Grease,” is known for rocking a black short-sleeve off the shoulder shirt. This piece is a staple for any season, especially fall. This shirt can come in any color or pattern and sleeve length (short or long). Where to buy? Top Shop (approx. $50) or Forever 21 (approx. $10)

6. Body suit: A body suit is an amazing piece that is great paired with jeans or a skirt. This can come in any sleeve length, color or pattern, which is also why it is so great. These are a must have because they can be styled for a night out at the club or for a professional setting. Where to buy? Urban Outfitters (approx. $50) or Forever 21 (approx. $15)
All six of these pieces are so versatile and trendy! They put a fun spin on the classic fall look. As the seasons change, make sure to keep an eye out for these types of pieces, but also keep in mind that all six of these fall fashion staples can be easily styled for winter. Knowing how to transition your pieces allows for creativity and money saving!

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