First-year students make new connections

Lauren McKeown
Faith Correspondent

Over 100 first-year students attended the Connections Retreats at Chapman Lake this past weekend.
Two separate Connections retreats ran, one from Friday to Saturday and the other from Saturday to Sunday. This was the first experience at Chapman Lake for many students on the retreat.

The weekend was filled with ice-breakers, small and large group discussions and talks from upper-class students.
The theme song of this year’s retreat was “You’ve Got A Friend in Me,” from “Toy Story.” The goal, as inferred by the title of the retreat, is to make “Connections” and friendships with other first-year students.

Colleen Boyle, a first-year student, expressed her thoughts about the Connections retreat this weekend.

“The Connections retreat was a wonderful way for me to make new friendships and strengthen pre-existing relationships with classmates,” she said.

She also mentioned Saint Ignatius of Loyola, and said that “attending a retreat centered around (him) and his teachings was a great way for me to take what I was learning in the classroom and put it into action.”

Another first-year student, Jack Garvey, also described his weekend.

“It was an opportunity to discover new relationships with other first-year students here,” he said.

He followed this up by saying he had a great time on the retreat. Chapman Lake provided a great environment for Garvey and Boyle, as well as many other first-year students, to meet friends and grow in their faith.
One of the leaders on Connections, Courtney Loughlin, said that “after going on Connections last year and having so much fun,

I wanted to go back and make it an awesome experience for other first-year students.

“I just love Scranton and I wanted to share that with the new students.”
After Connections was over, many students on the retreat spoke of their excitement for attending another retreat at Chapman Lake.

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