Why are we so infatuated with social media?

Commentary by
Sergio Caceres

Mostly everyone in 2016 uses social media in many ways. There are many different apps that do different things such as Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. These apps help us connect with each other at any time of the day. It’s great that we have advanced in technology and that we can have these apps but there are cons to this.

One of the cons is the infatuation people get from using social media. Many people use these social media outlets to get the most retweets, the most likes or the most views on your story. There are people that have hundreds and thousands of posts on these social media outlets.

People have this self-infatuation with the amount of likes or views they get. Some people will even delete pictures, tweets or posts after a while if they are not happy with the amount of likes or views they have.

When it comes to Instagram a lot of people try to post the best picture using the best filter and the best effect because they want to get as many likes as they can get.

On the other hand, what is seen on Snapchat a lot is a person posting videos or pictures of a “lit” party that they are at even though it is boring but they post it to make it look like they are having fun. It is almost as if we also use some of these apps as a way to fit in and get acceptance from our peers.

According to Pew Research Center when it comes to teenagers, 24 percent of them say that they are online constantly. Ninety-four percent of teens reported that they went online at least once a day, and 56 percent stated they go online many times a day. These statistics show us that people are constantly going on social media to see what the latest post is or to post something. Most people have smart phones, which makes it very easy for anyone to go on social media.
Getting likes is not only for social media.

The newest Apple update changed iMessage and added a like or dislike button so you can use them for texts. This shows how obsessed we are with wanting to get a like on social media.

The question is why are some people so infatuated with getting these likes or views? Is it because of self-confidence? Or is it because they simply just want to have more than their friends or person they do not like. Either way this generation has a big infatuation with social media.

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